Sunday, March 24, 2013

Newborn Disposable Diapers Vs Newborn Cloth Diapers

Okay Nathan is now two weeks old today :D Happy two weeks "Squirt!" He has grown pretty quick and I am ever so in love with him as the each day passes. So, disposable diapers vs cloth diapers...We decided in the beginning to have some disposables to wait for Nathan to finish his meconium tar poop, then proceed to newborn cloth diapering. I couldn't wait to use it on the boy and went and used it the very first day.

We of coarse used up the disposables first. Today my husband was going grocery shopping and I told him we are about to run out of disposable newborn diapers and wanted to know his thoughts on it. "I am NOT buying diapers. Use the newborn cloth diapers when its all done." :D Made me smile. When we further talked about it...a pack of newborn pampers swaddlers 36 costs $10.00. Squirt's a pooping machine! Every diaper has poop in it, like a bonus surprise lol. Dean and Max were not at all like that.

A newborn cloth diaper I have 36 in total and we can wash it with no problems quick. I am exclusively breastfeeding surprise there. Breast milk poop is easily washed away. Run under hot water, wash, and hang dry. Easy peasy! We would and could use it as many times and not worry about buying any more...SPENDING cut down! The best thing about these newborn cloth diapers are that there are two sizes within that one diaper. Since Nathan was pretty small he can wear it longer and once he grows chunkier I can adjust the size to continue fitting him. You can't do that to a regular disposable. You would end up buying a size one and paying more...

So all in all...I'm glad we are continuing cloth diapering with our third and final child. I super happy my husband agrees and shares my thoughts on using them. To save money and it's better for the environment! Nathan can wear the living crap out of them and we can make money back by selling them. :D Money well spent and time too!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Me Vs The Kids: Week 1

So this is week one. My husband and mother in law returned back to their normal work schedules and I'm ALONE!...with the kids. So this whole time I was pregnant I was scared to be left alone with a 4 year old, a 14 month old, and a newborn. I dealt just fine with two, now will that turn out? Lets see...

Today was a God sent! I slept well the night before...THANK YOU NATHAN! Such a great newborn like Dean was slept so well at night. Day time hit husband didn't go to the gym I guess to let me settle in more before he goes back to his usual routine. Nice of the man I thought...since his other girlfriend is the gym lol. Anyways...the day went well had breakfast played a bit. Dean and Nathan fell asleep at the same time right after. Awesome! I got to watch my missed shows on Hulu and two DVDs from Netflix. They napped another time after lunch. So did Max. Somewhere between lunch the only exciting thing that happened Dean's poop leaked out of his diaper lol. Had to give him a bath mid day and it was a mess. Nathan cried a bit but somehow Max got Nathan to stop crying and fall asleep. Max seriously has the magic touch! Love that boy! I got through the day tandem nursing the boys and playing with Max arts and crafts time. It continued to be a smooth transition so I brought all three boys downstairs to start dinner. Juicy baked crispy chicken breast, corn and mac and cheese. They all did well and Daddy came home...THE END!

Not so much of a kick ass day as yesterday. I ran out of the newborn disposable diapers and had to use the size one from the hospital and it was just a mess! Major spillage had to change Nathan's outfit three times one poop mess leakage. So I finally got the cloth diaper for newborn and it was too cute. It also worked a hell of a lot better than a size one disposable. Ughk. Lunch is running late, Dean has yet to nap and Nathan is on and off with his nap. Had a little mishap Dean face planted on the ground. He decided he could fly off the bed and continue doing so...good thing Max had laid out pillows on the floor before hand. Again Max mommy's helper to the rescue! So Late lunch but after that Nathan and Dean are napping. Max and I are having arts and crafts time. He sure loves drawing and creating things!

Today Max goes back to school. So I guess having one less kid is going to be a breeze. He went to school and I seriously had nothing to do. I did everything the night before or yesterday. Due to my highly organized OCD "skills" I HAD NOTHING TO DO. I had both Nate and Dean napping. So as I stared at the ceiling for 10 minutes I decided to unpack my hospital bag, clean out the soup pot my dad gave me, plan dinner for tonight and thurs and fri! So now I definitely had nothing to do. I cut up fruits for Max and Dean to share when he came back. Thank God Max came home and my dad stayed over a while. So much better I hate not being able to do anything. I'm a busy body I like it that way. It happened again after lunch well around 3 pm younger boys napped. Max was busy playing legos so I decided to nap. Ten minutes later I woke up and I couldn't take it...the boys woke up and I was happy again. SOMETHING TO DO! lol I made dinner Rad came home early and we had movie night! We watched Wreck It Ralph and had buttered popcorn. A great night! Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

Picture Day at Max's school today! I got him dressed up cute! Now again nothing to do. Laundry was done last night by my awesome husband and we even watched three episodes of Archer season 3. Nate's asleep nothing new. Dean is running a muck throwing things all over the place and laughing...Well Max came back home and he cried for my Mom to stay over. lol Nothing really happened after that. For some reason I was a little tired than the other days. I took a nap with the younger boys. Only lasted 10 mins but better than nothing I guess. The day progressed, everything was pretty chill. I made dinner for the boys and Rad had left over from our lunch my Mom ordered earlier. then we slept. Pretty boring. hehehe

Friday...something fun should happen today. You know because it's FRIDAY. NOPE! Today went really slow. Not only that Max stayed home because I still can't drive and my parents went to do something. My Dad came over for an hour and then him and my mother stole Max for a good part of the day. I was left alone with Dean and Nate and I found out...I NEEDED MAX! Dean was a little harder to please and calm down. While he was all over the damn place Nate was crying. I truly had a trying day without my main little big man. And when the boys went to nap either one was up and the other asleep. I kept putting one kid on the boob and off. lol When Max finally came home I was relieved. Until he started crying and my parents took him to their house and back out to buy him toys. Sweet crapper he came back home later with $50 new Lego Ninja Turtles for Mommy to assemble. Don't get me wrong I love putting the little big man's Legos together but $50?! NUTS! Well dinner was late and the rest of the night was a blur. I was tired and still had to take a shower because I was lazy in the morning to take one and give all the boys a shower. Then once all of it was done I died in bed. Saturday tomorrow I hope my day will be better :D

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Secret Of How To Be A Super Mom

[Dean and Max]

So I've been asked by close friends after a week of giving birth to a baby, having a 4 year old, and a 14 month old how do I DO everything that I do? [ex: cook home cooked meals 3 times a day, have time to sit and do whatever I want like NAP/PAINT MY NAILS/WATCH A MOVIE barely uninterrupted  have house cleaned...HOW?!] I'm super mom duh! No! I am not super in any way. I am but a simple stay at home mom of three boys. I love to cook and I love to bake. I have things cleaned up and laundry done when it's supposed to. I want to take care of myself too. I am a bit of an over achiever.

Okay, you wanna know my secret? I have OCD and I organize everything right down to the very bills in my wallet. There's nothing super about me in fact I'm all crazy! As I said I have OCD. I have things organized to where if someone where to touch something in the room and I come back I'd know what they touched/moved/ or took. My husband even tested my crazy with my DVDs back when I didn't have kids. He took two DVDs and switched it and told me to take Gone In 60 Seconds out for him to watch. So I did. He was screaming saying I was looking when I wasn't even in the room and when I picked it out I was confident enough to have him cover my eyes.

He did not tell he switched it. I told him I knew he moved it because the placement was wrong so I felt until I touched the other "moved" item. You see I placed my DVDs a certain way also I put them in alphabetical order. He said I was crazy and HE STILL MARRIED ME...who's the crazy one here?! lol I also told him everything in my room is organized so well if I were ever blind or no power I would know where to get things. My closets organized this way too and in color and type of clothing. It's a sad sickness but I use to my advantage for raising my mini Eurasian army! :D

So I plan my children's outfits ahead of time looking into the next day's weather. I plan meals a head of time too. When things need to be done I do it right away...assuming the kids done have a melt down. It does happen, there are times they go way too crazy for me to do anything. It's life as controlling as I am with every single thing in my life, nothing is perfect. Not even me. I take things day by day. More like I charge at life day by day. I am aggressive and I like things done even ahead of schedule. It's best when I do this because I have plenty of time to spend playing with my children. Doing arts and crafts with Max.

I multitask to the point where Rad questions if I had 4 to 6 arms. lol Like this morning I breastfed Nate he was laying on my left leg I'm sitting Indian style, on my right leg Dean was sitting where I was feeding him and myself oatmeal and bagel. Max was feeding himself...thank God. I was also texting my mother what time to pick Max up for school. With multitasking I practice odd skills that only mothers and some waitresses do. I can literally carry 3 plate full of food in each arm, while going up the stairs. It's good I only need to carry four plates lol.

I also keep a to do list. Whenever I think of anything to do or anything that needs to be done I write it down immediately. Also with groceries. I have lists for's sad. But yes organization, multitasking, and lists help me run my family towards happiness and bonding time. At times where all is quiet in the house, kids are napping...I actually look forward for them to wake up to play. I love to be busy and a family of five now certainly fulfills my sick twisted fantasy of busy body-ness lol. Good luck other can all do it and have it all even if it's just one day out of the week!

My friends also asked how my kids behave so well. TO HELL THEY DO! They definitely do not also behave. Max is crazy all over the place like I have him a bag of sugar to inhale. Dean screams when he talks and when he's pissed. Nate...well Nate just poops a lot! lol I like that they're are crazy and very active. I seriously don't like boring kids who just sit and cooperate. I like a little challenge. It makes me into a better mother to know how to help my kids when they have their fits and whatnots. Max pretty much is independent, Dean still loves attention, and Nate needs all the attention. Dean loves Max and they hangout a lot and play together well. So I can't wait to inter grade Nate into the mixture of Max and Dean.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diapers

[Nathan a week and two days old]

So...It's been a week I've been hiding Nathan barely any photos but here's an awesome one! Nate in a Newborn Alvababy pocket cloth diaper in royal blue. Also sporting a faux hawk. His umbilical cord is still attached and has not been a problem with these cloth diapers. This brand is the only type of newborn cloth diaper that I have. So far I love them. The side thing I find very interesting Rad's been doing the CDL for sometimes Max's just in case night time diaper, Dean's CDs, and now Nathan's newborn CDs. I love how he's been doing EVERYTHING! He has more than stepped up, he is mommy 2.0 :D I'm proud my husband is fully on board with everything. I guess he's had practice with Dean, since they are so close in age.

Back to cloth diapers! These Newborn Alvababy CDs are the regular. I also have the ones that are double snaps for some reason the correct name is not coming to mind. Mommy brain! They have the cutest little newborn inserts [currently using microfiber] and I've noticed since my milk is OVER SUPPLY I need to double stuff more because he would pee in it once and it's used up. It's amazing they have not spilled out with either pee nor poop...thank God! I'm glad I got to use newborn CDs with Nathan. I didn't have a chance with Dean because he came home 10 pounds, where a newborn CD would be too tight on him on the biggest setting. We started with a fitted small sized Fuzzi Bunz and one size pocket Alvababy on its smallest setting with no problems. :D We are happy with our choice in cloth diaper style and hell we're saving the Earth too...look at that!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daylight Savings Surprise Birth

[Nathan Daniel]

Okay this is more of part two of my birth story. Part one you can find here! So I will continue our little story with as my my labor progressed naturally THANK GOD! [So glad the doctors let me wait it out without any intervention.] I had reach the dreaded 7 cm. I was stuck there for an hour with no progress until they found out the cord was wrapped around his neck and head. So crazy the doctors and nurses scrambled and without saying C SECTION in front of me knowing what I would do to them they said "we can shoot up some fluid to hopefully loosen the cord." It worked!

[minutes after giving birth]

Seriously after the cord loosened up I felt so much pressure within the next thirty minutes I told Rad, "Get up and get the camera NOW!" I yelled for the doctor and said, "Check it! Check it now!" She saw I was at 10 cm! From 7 to 10 within thirty minutes...sooooo intense. I did a lot of deep breathes and visualizing the baby easing his way down. As they all ran around getting ready, scrubbing up in their silly little get ups, my husband help hold my leg up. I pushed, bear down, and took a deep breath. I did that what seemed like a total of ten times and five minutes later Nathan Daniel was earth bound! Amazing, truly amazing how this morning I was planning a day out with my boys before getting induced but instead had what I would call my DREAM LABOR! Quick and painless...well not so painless, but all worth it to see him so alert and hear him cry. I was in shock. I really was. Rad said, "I told you he'd be out in 5 minutes!"

[check up and first bath]

I smiled at the whole thought of how my day just went. Nate was a surprise to begin with and the way he came on daylight savings and two days after Daddy's couldn't be more perfect! We welcomed him at 7:30 pm weighing 7 lbs 11 ounces and 20.5 inches tall. Happy Birthday Nathan we love you! xoxoxo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Postpartum Who Whats

Okay so I've had my third baby. This is the fun things that happen after you give birth...

cramps from hell: yeah it still hasn't stopped. if you are breastfeeding it helps the cramps go away faster.

hemriod: yeah it happens. they have wonderful cream they will give you. and you take your time when you sit down because it'll hurt like a mother. lol

ice pack pad: they give you this awesome ice pack pad for your down under parts help the swelling go down.

adult diapers: went there. you're a mess you'll need it lol.

wearing mesh undies: for the moment over the ice pack pad you're wearing along a diaper you also get to wear the most sexiest mesh undies to hold all your loose lady parts in. lol

boobs feel like exploding: it's colostrum coming in for your baby. if you plan on breastfeeding FEED FEED FEED that baby. if you are not breastfeeding hot shower can help :/

period w blood clots size of golf balls: so the reason you wear those pads on top of the adult diapers is for the left over blood clots that come out [that's why you cramp they come out sized golf balls nuts huh?]

you will walk funny: you'll be sore walking slow not exactly the cute pregnancy waddle you've grown to love. but that too will go away.

episiotomy stitches: if you've gotten an episiotomy you will be getting stitches  so be careful when you bend, sit, stand, breathe, and sleeping position.

perry bottle: ahhh good old perry bottle a gentler way to wash yourself yourself down under where you can't exactly use a regular tissue as of yet. plus you gotta wash around your gentle areas for left over blood.

belly pouch: where's the baby bump...still there just sadly deflated :/ lol hopefully with enough weeks off and hard workouts in the future it'll go back down.

swollen: you get it when your pregnant and you get the swelling still after but it'll go down. after some time.

loose down under: after giving birth of course it'll be loose down there...nothing too crazy like "throwing a hot dog down a hallway" kinda thing lol but good for us women the vagina is flexible and with enough weeks and some kegel exercise it'll be back!

numbness: you think after giving birth to even a normal sized infant you'll be sore all the time no! you'll be numb for a bit...helps to have that ice pack pad. :D

hair lost: yeah its sad you start losing hair. clumps at a time. scary first time i had this after having Max I thought I was seriously going to go bald >.< lol

in the end you'll get over it all and have your awesome baby in your arms! good luck mamas!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 41

[41 weeks water broke on its own!]

I wanted to start out last week was my last week of being pregnant. I went to my last prenatal appointment on monday, NST on tuesday, and measurement ultrasound. These are the usual post date [past 40 weeks] exams they do to make sure baby is doing well. Also with my boys being sick with ear infection and endless coughing...husband and I got sick too...stomach bug. :/ Throwing up and well just not in the best state for the last week of pregnancy. At least we are ok now. Oh lovely also, we had that random winter snow storm. We got hit in our area. Real fun! :D lol 

I remember last year I blogged about my pregnancy with Dean being my last and how bitter sweet it is. Hahaha not knowing baby N our surprise third child would be born just 14 months after Dean was born. I truly believe this IS our last! Just can't believe this truly is it for us. A family of five is perfect fit for us. My three boys...exciting to begin our lives as a family of five!

Surprise! I woke up daylight savings time stood up and thought I peed myself. Listen here, I never had my water break on its own without being induced first. So I went to the bathroom and it just kept on going. I went back into the bedroom and took a towel. Went back to the bathroom and stood in the tub. Max was in the bathroom and said Mommy you're leaking and "N" is coming! I'm like that's right baby. Can you tell Daddy to get me another towel because its all wet. He laughed and ran back to get Daddy. After getting back in the room Rad went to take a shower. I was bonding with my boys taking photos before I go to the hospital. I'm glad I repacked and made sure all was set last night and set everything up for the hospital.

We got to the hospital and was checked. Water did break...awesomeness and still 2cm. Fifteen minutes later I got checked again and I was 3. I opted to see what happens wait it out. Now every 2-3 minutes having contractions. I am breathing through them and its going well. The doctors said I could be induced but I thought since I broke on my own I'm good. I still plan to do a natural vaginal birth. Hopefully this baby will be born by tonight before dinner because Mama's hungry. lol Now I will continue contracting and dilating for more updates follow me on twitter: thismomsaidwhat. So much for going into the hospital tomorrow at 10 am to be induced lol. This baby was a surprise and he doesn't seem to quit surprising us! :D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney's Advanced Screening Of Oz The Great And Powerful

Tuesday night I was invited to the advanced screening of Oz The Great And Powerful. Unfortunately I could not go due to my family getting sick. Family first! But I did get to invite three guests. They were excited to see the advanced screening and was sadden I couldn't come. I told them to enjoy and let me know what they thought without telling me who the wicked witch was and awesome parts. :D As I nursed my sick toddler Dean, let Max play legos, and husband slept his illness off as I did the night before...I thought I can't wait to see it this weekend with my husband as a birthday and date night with him.

My friends thoughts of the film.

Iron Man 3 Movie Trailer

Iron Man 3! Comes into theaters on May 3rd, 2013!


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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things I Forgot To Tell You About Labor

So I've been pregnant three times and I will soon give birth to baby N. Though I am very excited...I just remembered there where things I forgot about that happens during labor. They are not happy things. More like secrets that women "forget" to pass down. [on purpose?]

nausea: what i like to say i never got during labor thank God...but the third one we shall see.

vomit: it happens.

fart: yeah you have no control anymore. look the doctors your husband and the nurses are look at your vagina anyways who cares if you fart?! lol

hot and cold: your body along with the extreme hormones rushing everywhere you will feel odd body fits of being cold and or being hot or both.

teeth chattering: along with feeling cold the uncontrollable teeth chattering.

brain dead: you forget everything. its ok. its normal. it HAPPENS! that's why you have your husband/partner/midwive there to help your cold brain farting moments.

episiotomy: common in hospitals. mamas if your baby needs a little help some doctors will cut you down there [don't worry you are so numb you wont feel them cutting you lol] so you will tear nicely if you do tear because of your baby being a little bigger. i personally told them i needed no such thing and i will take my time and i had no tears.

deliver placenta: after you deliver your beautiful child/ren you still need to pass their "home" the placenta. again do not worry you'll be too busy looking at your child, crying full of joy the doctors will do that for you well help it come down and it'll slip out.

pain/cramps: sorry they don't stop right after baby comes out. you will still feel them also if you've had more than one child before. like with each pregnancy the cramping gets worse. if you are breastfeeding keep doing that because it'll go away faster.

feel massive pressure to poop: yeah i felt this with my second pregnancy. i kept crying out to the doctor or nurse "did i go number two because it sure feels like i did!" but i never did thank God!

might actually poop and pee: it does happen and it is OKAY. it is NORMAL. for God's sake you're pushing a baby out everything wants to come out! fun isn't it?

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 40

[40 Reasons to go the full 40!]

I know I talk about evicting my kids a lot but I am very pro full 40! This was at my OB's room office...well it was plastered everywhere. I had a little problem for a bit that baby N was trying to get out way ahead of time. I've always pictured my kids being born around 40 weeks and mostly after 40 weeks plump and pink! Since I am now 40 weeks I thank God and my baby for cooperating lol. I am glad to say I will be giving birth for the third time past 40 weeks. :D I know I will see N when he is ripe and ready whether that be 40-43 weeks.

I know I said with my second pregnancy that it'll be my last one lol but this is my final pregnancy. I swear lol. [so many friends and family think I'm joking.] Rad and I are happy where our family is at or will be within the next couple of weeks. A family of five! My three sons! I will cherish my last few weeks painful or not. If you asked me 5 years ago if I'd have 3 kids within 4 years I'd laugh in your face but now I can't picture my life any other way! I am happy, fulfilled, and full of entertaining days and nights! lol Being a mother of two isn't all peachy keen, but I love it. As I write this blog, I wonder how a mother of three boys will change my/our lives. Would it be more difficult or just about the same? I guess I'll just take things day by day. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney's Planes

From the makers of Cars comes Planes ! Planes soars into theaters on August 9th, 2013!

[Dane Cook as the voice of Dusty]


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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Songs During Labor And Delivery

You know how you have a gym or running playlist to amp yourself up? Why not have a playlist for labor and delivery? Yes, I am serious! These are some songs on my labor and delivery playlist. I did this last year with my second pregnancy why not have it again?! lol :D

1. Queen - Under Pressure
2. Queen - I Wanna Break Free
3. Incubus - Pardon Me
4. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
5. Wilson Philips - Hold On
6. Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
7. Plain White T's - 1,2,3,4
8. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire
9. Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
10. Phillip Phillips - Home
11. Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
12. Faith Hill - Breathe
13. The Prodigy - Breathe
14. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out
15. Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Through This
16. The Vines - Get Free
17. The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
18. - Scream And Shout
19. The ISley Brother's - Shout
20. Tears For Fears - Shout
21. Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In
22. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child
23. Mumford And Sons - I Will Wait For
24. Maroon 5 - Daylight
25. Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire
26. Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing
27. Pink - Try
28. Imagine Dragons - It's Time
29. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
30. Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath
31. Fun - Some Nights
32. Ke$ha - C'mon
33. Incubus - The Reason

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday! This month Barnes & Noble will be holding a "Read Across America" reading books from Dr. Seuss. Here are the different locations and dates Barnes & Noble will be holding the events for the children. The boys and I will be participating on Saturday, March 2nd 11am in Bridgewater Barnes & Noble. It's exciting because they will have fun activities and treats for the kids to also enjoy. I can't wait to participate in our second year of "Read Across America" while celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday! Check out Max and Dean's "Read Across America" event last year here.

Also don't forget to check out a live webcast from NYC today at 10am. Live webcast here.

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Signs Of Labor

So I'd like to think that something progress will happen with my third pregnancy, and have my body go into labor naturally. But no one knows! lol But for you other lucky mamas and mamas to be out there here's a few signs of labor!

diarrhea: for some women they have at least 5 trips. perhaps a way of your body cleansing before your baby comes out.

mucus plug: also known as "bloody show" sometimes bloody sometimes of mucus like colored. and it looks just like it sounds mucus like. or just like a snotty little thing perhaps dime sized or bigger that your body may or may not pass.

cramps: well who am I kidding you can have cramps throughout the whole pregnancy, but for those who didn't you sure will start feeling this!

braxton hicks contractions: along with the wonderfully annoying cramps, braxton hicks is like a practice run on the real thing. and with enough of it, it can help soften your cervix!

cervix softens: without this happening...well nothing will happen. your cervix softening up helps with your baby lowering down and possibly having your water break.

baby lowering: oh your belly still looks its dropping awesome! not truly a sign of labor but its heading there!

water breaks: well need a say more? some its does BREAK break...other moms might experience leaks here and there.

the labor rule 5-1-1: when contractions are 5 minutes apart for 1 minute long and has been going on for 1 hour or more. woman get yourself ready because your baby is!

when to call a doctor: extreme bleeding, sudden swelling of hands face or feet. sudden weight gain of 5 pounds or more within days to a week, painful urination.