Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diapers

[Nathan a week and two days old]

So...It's been a week I've been hiding Nathan barely any photos but here's an awesome one! Nate in a Newborn Alvababy pocket cloth diaper in royal blue. Also sporting a faux hawk. His umbilical cord is still attached and has not been a problem with these cloth diapers. This brand is the only type of newborn cloth diaper that I have. So far I love them. The side thing I find very interesting Rad's been doing the CDL for sometimes Max's just in case night time diaper, Dean's CDs, and now Nathan's newborn CDs. I love how he's been doing EVERYTHING! He has more than stepped up, he is mommy 2.0 :D I'm proud my husband is fully on board with everything. I guess he's had practice with Dean, since they are so close in age.

Back to cloth diapers! These Newborn Alvababy CDs are the regular. I also have the ones that are double snaps for some reason the correct name is not coming to mind. Mommy brain! They have the cutest little newborn inserts [currently using microfiber] and I've noticed since my milk is OVER SUPPLY I need to double stuff more because he would pee in it once and it's used up. It's amazing they have not spilled out with either pee nor poop...thank God! I'm glad I got to use newborn CDs with Nathan. I didn't have a chance with Dean because he came home 10 pounds, where a newborn CD would be too tight on him on the biggest setting. We started with a fitted small sized Fuzzi Bunz and one size pocket Alvababy on its smallest setting with no problems. :D We are happy with our choice in cloth diaper style and hell we're saving the Earth too...look at that!

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