Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 41

[41 weeks water broke on its own!]

I wanted to start out last week was my last week of being pregnant. I went to my last prenatal appointment on monday, NST on tuesday, and measurement ultrasound. These are the usual post date [past 40 weeks] exams they do to make sure baby is doing well. Also with my boys being sick with ear infection and endless coughing...husband and I got sick too...stomach bug. :/ Throwing up and well just not in the best state for the last week of pregnancy. At least we are ok now. Oh lovely also, we had that random winter snow storm. We got hit in our area. Real fun! :D lol 

I remember last year I blogged about my pregnancy with Dean being my last and how bitter sweet it is. Hahaha not knowing baby N our surprise third child would be born just 14 months after Dean was born. I truly believe this IS our last! Just can't believe this truly is it for us. A family of five is perfect fit for us. My three boys...exciting to begin our lives as a family of five!

Surprise! I woke up daylight savings time stood up and thought I peed myself. Listen here, I never had my water break on its own without being induced first. So I went to the bathroom and it just kept on going. I went back into the bedroom and took a towel. Went back to the bathroom and stood in the tub. Max was in the bathroom and said Mommy you're leaking and "N" is coming! I'm like that's right baby. Can you tell Daddy to get me another towel because its all wet. He laughed and ran back to get Daddy. After getting back in the room Rad went to take a shower. I was bonding with my boys taking photos before I go to the hospital. I'm glad I repacked and made sure all was set last night and set everything up for the hospital.

We got to the hospital and was checked. Water did break...awesomeness and still 2cm. Fifteen minutes later I got checked again and I was 3. I opted to see what happens wait it out. Now every 2-3 minutes having contractions. I am breathing through them and its going well. The doctors said I could be induced but I thought since I broke on my own I'm good. I still plan to do a natural vaginal birth. Hopefully this baby will be born by tonight before dinner because Mama's hungry. lol Now I will continue contracting and dilating for more updates follow me on twitter: thismomsaidwhat. So much for going into the hospital tomorrow at 10 am to be induced lol. This baby was a surprise and he doesn't seem to quit surprising us! :D

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