Monday, March 11, 2013

Postpartum Who Whats

Okay so I've had my third baby. This is the fun things that happen after you give birth...

cramps from hell: yeah it still hasn't stopped. if you are breastfeeding it helps the cramps go away faster.

hemriod: yeah it happens. they have wonderful cream they will give you. and you take your time when you sit down because it'll hurt like a mother. lol

ice pack pad: they give you this awesome ice pack pad for your down under parts help the swelling go down.

adult diapers: went there. you're a mess you'll need it lol.

wearing mesh undies: for the moment over the ice pack pad you're wearing along a diaper you also get to wear the most sexiest mesh undies to hold all your loose lady parts in. lol

boobs feel like exploding: it's colostrum coming in for your baby. if you plan on breastfeeding FEED FEED FEED that baby. if you are not breastfeeding hot shower can help :/

period w blood clots size of golf balls: so the reason you wear those pads on top of the adult diapers is for the left over blood clots that come out [that's why you cramp they come out sized golf balls nuts huh?]

you will walk funny: you'll be sore walking slow not exactly the cute pregnancy waddle you've grown to love. but that too will go away.

episiotomy stitches: if you've gotten an episiotomy you will be getting stitches  so be careful when you bend, sit, stand, breathe, and sleeping position.

perry bottle: ahhh good old perry bottle a gentler way to wash yourself yourself down under where you can't exactly use a regular tissue as of yet. plus you gotta wash around your gentle areas for left over blood.

belly pouch: where's the baby bump...still there just sadly deflated :/ lol hopefully with enough weeks off and hard workouts in the future it'll go back down.

swollen: you get it when your pregnant and you get the swelling still after but it'll go down. after some time.

loose down under: after giving birth of course it'll be loose down there...nothing too crazy like "throwing a hot dog down a hallway" kinda thing lol but good for us women the vagina is flexible and with enough weeks and some kegel exercise it'll be back!

numbness: you think after giving birth to even a normal sized infant you'll be sore all the time no! you'll be numb for a bit...helps to have that ice pack pad. :D

hair lost: yeah its sad you start losing hair. clumps at a time. scary first time i had this after having Max I thought I was seriously going to go bald >.< lol

in the end you'll get over it all and have your awesome baby in your arms! good luck mamas!

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