Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY CDL & Cloth Wipe Solution

So what do I do with diaper laundry?

I simply was the inserts, wipes, and micro fleece liners in our HE front loader on extra sanitary wash first. While that's going I put the shells in the tub and soak in cold water. Once done with the first wash, I wash the shells in hot wash. Then I hang dry everything. [When nice out.] When it's raining I put them in the dryer with 6 Wooly Rounds. Once everything is dry I stuff the shells with the inserts and put the micro fleece liners on the cloth diaper.

[cloth wipe solution mix] 

As for the wipes. I mix a tablespoon organic pure extra virgin coconut oil in a bowl of hot water. Let the wipes soak in the solution, rink them out fold and place in the contain. One container is for home use and the other is for going out. So that's what I do for CDL and my cloth wipes solution. Pretty easy and not freaky at all. Have a great month of July!



  1. hey cher,

    i love your post so pretty much you wash everything put the shells do you then wash everything together or separate ??

    1. i wash them seperately first inserts liners and cloth wipes on extra sanitary then shells on hot... :D


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