Monday, January 30, 2012

My Days...

My days so far...

Since Dean came home and Rad went back to work...I was surprised on how well the three of us adjusted. We had a routine already by the second day. Until now day # 19, we are still on that great schedule. Max again and still has been a good older brother looking after his little brother in any way he can. He is always willing to help me out on whatever I ask. Dean...the perfect newborn. Doesn't cry unless scared by a loud noise and if he is hungry. We have gone to two appointments, two shopping trips and I was quick on handling the extra stroller and little bag. I thank God I'm breastfeeding! No need for extra bulk of bottles. Ah...I hope when things change as Dean grows that it won't be too difficult. Great times ahead!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noise Heard Around The World

What the hell is this?...

I got on the computer this morning and all I would see is videos of this "sounds heard around the world" or rather "noises" that sounded like trumpets. Hoax or is it a warning that the end of the world is coming? lol Its scary sounding...but really?...Here's the damn video.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 26th Birthday

26 years old?! I don't feel like I'm 26...

26 years ago I was born in the Philippines. A single child to my mother Lydie and father Albert. I would like to start out saying thank you for raising me to be a head strong independent woman and with such love. I haven't been the best daughter but I thank you both for being the best parents. I took you both for granted long ago and now that I have children of my own I see what you two were going through. Now I only pray my kids don't pull the same crap I did to you guys lol. Again thank you for being my parents...I love you always!

Today is my 26th birthday. Nothing too special going on tonight. All I know is that we need groceries so we don't starve tomorrow for breakfast lunch and dinner lol. Today, I decided to set up Dean's Bright Stars Baby's Play Place. This play mat is crazy! He liked it for a two week old. He didn't want to get out of it and ended up sleeping in it lol.

As I said we need to go grocery exciting for my birthday we go to BJs lol. I also decided to take out my Boba carrier to carry Dean in while we go shopping. So I tried it on Big Brother Max. He liked it. He is 40 pounds of love and he sure as hell did not feel like he was 40 pounds. It was easy and he got in and out quick.


Dragon Baby

To be continued...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Year Wedding Anniversary

I'm still here, must be a good thing! lol

Last year I married my best friend and the father of my sons. A lot of things happened in our relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way. Rad thank you for my beautiful sons and a wonderful fun far. lol I love you husband. I can't wait to spend many more years with you and our awesome kids!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fluff & Stuff

I'll make this quick, I'm freakin' tired bro...

I got several "fluff" Babylegs, Kawaii diaper covers, Boba carrier. Babylegs are leggings used with cloth diapering, It makes it easy to change a diaper without pants. Having to take them off and put them on why not make it easy. And it's uber cute! :D

[Babylegs Newborn grab bag $100 and paid only $35]

I know I already have enough but I couldn't say no to cheap Kawaii diaper covers. I got them from an awesome site and it was the cheapest I've seen. When I got it, I saw it was of great quality and I can't wait to use them on Dean! I can put folded prefolds. It's one size so I can continuously use it from birth to end. Whenever that is... :D

As for wraps and carriers, I have three. I have a stretchy wrap Sleepy wrap in black, a woven wrap Easycare Rainbow 4.7m, and now a new Boba carrier Mist. The Mist is grey and green center. It's awesome having options. The sleepy wrap can go up to 45 pounds it says...but I plan on using it until he is 20 pounds. Then I move to the woven wrap and the Boba. Woven wrap takes more effort but its beautiful. As for the Boba carrier its just like a bookbag/backpack, swing it on front or back, snap and pop the kid in! :D


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost In Baby Land

MIA but thankful...

As you can tell my usual daily blog has disappeared. lol I've been immersed in a mucho much-O love of baby land with Dean. A few things that has happened since we brought him home. I no longer sleep in the same bed as my husband. We have a co sleeping partnership with our children. He with Max and I with Dean. It's easy to have Dean with me because I breast feed him. He is such a blessing from GOD! Meaning he doesn't wake up and he doesn't cry (only when being changed but he's getting used to it). I wake up ever 2.5-3 hours to feed him just to make sure he's fed lol. Other than that Dean's awesome. As for Big Brother Max...he is incredible! He helps me out when I ask to get something because Im immobile due to breast feeding Dean lol. He kisses and hugs him gently every day and night and in between. :D He is still crazy loud playing with his toys but he is doing great. We've babied Max for a long time he's been on a bottle of milk...lately got off the bottle and milk only in the morning and before bed.
My husband is awesome...I don't have to say anything he just reads my mind looks at me before he leaves the room and comes back with everything i need or will ask for. AMAZING! I can't complain. I planned on resting a month straight just me and the kids and not cook dinner but I feel great. I have energy to cook meals and two types of dinner! Who the hell am I?! No postpartum depression for this mama. I just can't wait to cloth diaper Dean...we are using up the newborn Seventh Generation diapers and the hospital gave us size one disposables. We don't believe in wasting gifts lol. We use whatever we have until its gone! We are happy for our children getting along together so far...we are thankful for my cheerie mood lol...I know Rad is. lol. Thankful to God for our little family!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome To The World Dean!

"Are you sure I didn't deliver my brain along with my baby?!" -Me

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 10:00 am, Rad and I went went to the hospital for me to get induced. I was hesitant because I wanted the birth of our child naturally done with no medication. As we got in and I talked to the nurses and doctors, they let me do whatever I wanted which was great! If you saw on my twitter and facebook account from saturday morning to sunday I tweeted and facebook status everything, So to make things short for I'm so tired and brain dead...

My water broke around 10:30 pm all by itself. All I remember was a loud pop and I thought it was my back cracking as I moved about in bed. I sat up and it gushed out like a broke water main lol. From that moment my contractions were crazy painful and got close together. As I breathed slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth with every painful contraction, I prayed to God it was over NOW! Though the pain was 1000% painful and I was gripping the hospital bed rail shaking moaning and breathing like I was possessed the worst wasn't there yet. Then I felt Dean's head going down...I screamed for Rad to get a nurse, a doctor, or a priest...ANYBODY! *TMI: I felt so much pressure I thought I was gonna sh*t myself...I didn't, thank God lol.* As they all came running in I started to push on my own. I cleared my head and as I counted to myself I pushed him out with every fiber of my being! He came out really fast less than 20 minutes he was out! Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 12:15 pm Dean was finally born at 41 weeks and 1 day! FINALLY!

As I told the nurse to clean him up and wrap him, he was weighed the scale said 8 pounds and 13 oz...just 3 oz shy of 9 pounds! The ultrasound tech was right about him being 9 pounder...I did it I naturally pushed out a 9 pound baby and boy its been three days and I'm still walking funny and soar but I'm glad he's out! The doctors was happy to see I did it naturally and asked after, "So good you did it naturally, you knew he was going to be this big and still went for it?" YES! lol They said how small I was and I still did it. I think I can push a 10 pounder out! lol And the best thing I didn't "rip" I only ripped about the size of a thumb nail the same rip I had with Max when he was born.

The first day with my little guy was awesome! I breastfed right after he was wrapped up and weighed as I requested. We did skin to skin to warm him up to. He latched so quickly and stayed on the whole time with no problem! :D I'm so proud of him being so big and hungry and drinking away lol. As I had my milk come in early he got the good stuff immediately! We had Dean and Max's "second mamas come visit! Then our parents with Big Bro Max! He came in and said, "Hi Dean! I'm Maxwell I'm your big brother...I love you!" I melted and cried! I loved seeing them together! Finally our families were together. It was perfect.

The next day his pediatrician said he had jaundice. He had to stay an extra night in his tanning bed to get better. I knew what jaundice was and I knew he was ok but hated going home without my baby. It's like walking around with a part of your soul missing! As we went home I knew in my heart he was safe but I couldn't help but bawl and whimper the whole way home. :*( I came home spend time with Max and hugged him hard as I can until he said, "You hugged me enough mommy!" lol I got cleaned up unpacked and pumped. I pumped the whole day before I left and gave him lots of milk. Rad this morning left the house to drive 30 minutes to the hospital to give Dean his mommy milk. He was happy and been doing so great that he will be home tonight! His jaundice went down and he eats 2 oz of milk and thats good I have some stored and my boobs straight up. :D That's pretty much it in a nut shell I can remember at this mommy zombie state of mind. I just can't wait to go there around 3 pm and have him home by dinner! :D


Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Day I'm Sniffling

"Is this the last time I'm going to see myself pregnant?" (cries) -Me

"Is it really the last day of being the last day being pregnant?" as I cried and hugged Rad this morning. I'm sure gonna miss being pregnant. Good and bad days, I love having a child grow inside me, its just so amazingly powerful! I plan to do a natural birth no pitocin and no epidural. I know it's gonna be hard but I'm going to stay calm and positive. I've been doing my homework looking at Spinning Babies website and studying positions to have less pain while in labor. I've asked several new friends for advice, help, and guidance. Everyone has been so helpful and protective of my natural rights as a mother about to give birth for the second time. I know I'm not the first to give birth in the world, it's not that amazing...but to me each child brought to the world is a miracle and a beauty like no other to see and or experience. Earlier today I went to my NST "non stress test" just to monitor my contractions, Dean's heart rate, and my blood pressure. It was normal and went well...nothing new lol. I make NST look so sexy lol.

As I said I planned to do a natural birth and some people asked me how would I do that if I'm getting induced. A Foley bulb! That's like a balloon they insert in my "hoohaa" as I call it lol and they gradually pump with saline (salt water) to open me up. For the past couple of days I've been going over board with walking and bouncing on the birth ball at home. Im tired but have a relaxed mind. I've been losing a lot of my mucus plug and was shocked at how much was coming out and how better I felt. No pain, no pressure, no contractions! lol It was great. I hope when I go into the hospital tomorrow at 10 am, that I am actually open to do the foley bulb induction and I wouldn't have to take pitocin and continue with my plan of a natural unmedicated birth.

I am anxious and excited! I can't wait to hold my second son in my arms and immediately breast fed him. YUP! Breast fed him right after he pops out. lol I want my time to bond with him to be instant. Remember folks, "Breast is best!" I will post pictures up as soon as I can online or my family and friends will do it first lol. So this is the last day I'll be pregnant, the last day Max will be a single child, but tomorrow my heart will love twice as more, and Max will be an older brother. Please pray for me that it'll be a smooth and as much of a pain less natural labor. Thank you friends and family for your support! Love goes out from me to you all! xox

[40 weeks and 5 days pregnant :*D]


Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Girls Say To Black Girls

Ughk, just watch this it's funny!

Look, I had the longest day. Went out with my mother and Max. Had lunch and Max tricked us into going to the kids play area in the mall and riding all the damn kids rides. Buying two bags of organic popcorn (ok this was a good idea.) Buying pretzels. Rode the kid's train and the caroselle. Walked around forever! Surprised why my baby still hasnt come out from all the walking I do. So here's a funny video that cheered my tired self up...enjoy! :D


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Scary Mother

There's nothing scarier than an anger mother...

Today, I saw this video about a mother who was alone with her baby when an intruder was trying to get into her house. She called 911 and asked if she could shoot him...911's response was once the intruder enters your home then you can. So she ends up killing this man, her stalker. Also there was another person with the intruder. Very scary! If I was alone and had a gun I would not hesitate to shoot that mother down! Would you? I'd be the scariest mom of two they'd ever seen!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Routine and Other Things

"Hahaha, Mommy Dean is fat!" - Max

Today's routined/schedule.

7:30 am: Wake up, get stuff ready and dress up.
8:00 am: Make and eat breakfast for Max and I.
8:30 am: Drive 30 minutes away to drop Rad off to work.
9:00 am: Drive back home another 30 minute drive.
9:30 am: Go to the bank then off to my mother's house.
10:00 am: Relax a bit, chat with my mother while Max plays with his Ipad, runs around and eats snacks.
12:00 pm: Go back home and make lunch for Max and I.
12:30 pm: We eat our lunch while Max watches Dora. :/
1:00 pm: Repack needed things for the road and last pit stop for "Mr. Toto."
1:30 pm: Clean up and drive to my last post date ultrasound appointment for baby D with Max.
2:00 pm: Still driving... I hate random traffic and long distance driving while contracting.
2:30 pm: Arrive and running late for damn appointment.
3:00 pm: Waiting...take Max to "Mr. Toto" for number #2.
3:30 pm: Still waiting...gets called in. Finally!
4:00 pm: Getting my ultrasound while Max giggles on seeing baby D.
4:30 pm: We hurry back to the car because its COLD! and we have to pick daddy up from work.
5:00 pm: Arrive at Rad's job, Max is asleep, Rad gets out.
5:30 pm: Have to drop something off, then homeward bound. Crap, I still have to cook dinner.
6:00 pm: After cleaning up, we eat dinner.
6:30 pm: Finished dinner and clean up.
7:00 pm: Rad and I are back with Max feed him his dinner while I blog.
7:15 pm: Finish my damn routine/schedule.

[our lunch but were missing the steak fries :D]

Today is a very busy day for me. I am 40 weeks and 3 days and flipping tired. It's 25 degrees outside and windy. A lovely day, truly is. :/ So that's what we did today. A lot of something and other things. I am very tired. The good thing about this whole day was seeing baby D in a 4D scan. I never got a 4D scan before even with Max. So I was excited. Max was laughing because he looked at the screen and said, "Hahaha, Mommy Dean is fat!" He's not fat he's a healthy 8.5 pound baby boy! That's Max's big little brother. :D I can't wait until this weekend, when I'll get to hold my little big boy! :D Scared for my vagina but excited to hold him...I guess I can Gross.

[Baby D's 4D Ultrasound...that's the front of his face and his hand covering half of his right side]


Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin

5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

As I am currently past my due date (40weeks and 2days) and my belly feeling bigger and bigger. I'm feeling oh so incredibly tired. I seem to have no energy what so ever to do anything. NOTHING! I really thank God Rad is off for a week. But truly sad he'll be going back to work tomorrow. (I think he's more bummed than I am he's going back to work lol poor Daddy.)

The final countdown is here! This Saturday, January 7th at 10am Rad and I will be heading to St. Peter's University hospital to be induced. Since I'm not 'open' yet I will need medical intervention with mini sized pills "Shoved up my crotch" as my father in law said. Lol then I will proceed as plan to have a NUCB, "Natural Unmedicated Child Birth." Hope all goes well and quick! Again the whole "I am tired, no energy" crap I'm going to be I've got an ultrasound tomorrow. Toodles cup O noodles!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

"Goodnight New Years moon goodnight!" -Me

Quick To Do List:
1. Give birth to baby D. [o1.o7th/o8th.12]
2. Celebrate my 1st Wedding Anniversary. [o1.22th.12]
3. Celebrate The Year of The Dragon, Chinese New Year [o1.23rd.12]
4. Celebrate my 26th Birthday. [o1.24th]
And that's just January! :D

2012 is here...Happy New Years! New Years Eve we celebrated with my side of the family. It's pretty big celebrating New Years and Chinese New Years in my family. Max got to eat Filipino and Chinese food and run around! He even got silly and went around the room with a red Hello Kitty mail box saying, "Money please for college!" :D My 3 year old cracks me up. We had fun celebrating early with them. Then, it was time to go home. 11 p.m. an hour left, Rad and I gave Max his last bath for the year. Bubbles, toy boat, and foam alphabets! He enjoyed himself...he's a water baby! As I dried him up, dressed him and gave him his last milk, it was 10 minutes away from being New Years.

Rad came in we were all under the covers and enjoyed our first official New Years in bed! Don't get me wrong I loved hanging out with other family members, but to also have a nice small celebration was great! Max saw the New York Ball drop, clapped, and screamed. "Happy New Years Mommy and Daddy!" Rad and I snuck in a kiss from Max. It was a good night. As we watched channel seven Max saw Lady Gaga and said, "Look Mama it's the ball it dropped on her face!" Lol my kid says the silliest things! Then we all went to sleep. It's now 10 a.m another new day, another new year. Let's see what it brings...Hopefully like that old Chinese lady said to me...LOTS OF MONEY! Bwahaha! :D

[My sexy husband (only when he smiles lol) Max hiding.]