Thursday, December 29, 2011

40 Weeks Pregnant

Damn when is this kid coming out?!

I am 40 weeks pregnant 9:30am and running around since 7am. Currently at the public library with Max as he plays. I am sitting down because I am having contractions, probably nothing. Ive been having these Braxton Hicks for a month and no progress. So I'm thinking nothing of it. Max is doing puzzles and saying how boringly easy they are. I can't believe how fast 9 months goes then your kid is 3 years old in the back seat of the car saying, "Mommy you're driving like a girl, step on it." Kids crack me up. Shoot if I can have a Duggar amount of kids I'd do it. Since 19 kids will need lots of food I'd most likely run a small business on the side, along running after kids. But most likely two is Mr. Husband's limit, I'll be looking into working soon after both kids are in school. Hmm...I am getting stronger contractions and I still need to get books for little man. So blog at cha later. For a library it's pretty loud here, people chatting up a storm.

[Max reading out loud to me and however else that'll listen lol]


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Target's Nurse In New Jersey

"If I popped my boob out I'd def get arrested lol no baby to nurse mine is still hibernating and my 3 yr old is done lol." -Me

As I've been blogging about how pro breast feeding my family and I are...I was lucky enough to know about a Nurse In at our local Target in South Plainfield New Jersey. I attended 9 months pregnant and with Max. Not only did I meet wonderful like minded mothers...Max got to run around in circles with new little friends. Max shared some popcorn and I got a venti decaf Caramel Brulee from Starbucks!  :D Though it was quick from 10am to 12pm, it was nice talking to the me advice about possible tandem nursing (nursing two children at once), living the modern life of baby carrying, cloth diapers, and having two or more children. Not only were we "raising" awareness in a small group :D but I made new mom friends offline. lol Having been a part of a National Target Nurse In was fun. Even though I was the only mother not actually nursing (because my child is still hibernating) Max and I were proud to lend our support!

[Picture from ABC News website]


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stay At Home Daddy

"Yeah, I'd rather be here than at work!" -Rad.

This week my husband has off. Thank God, because I'm getting closer and closer to my due date even though there's no Dean yet, I AM T-I-R-E-D! He has been seeing what I do, how I am so close to Max, and wonderful it truly is to be a stay at home parent. He usually says I do nothing and go online all the time...which omfg I would love to but I don't. lol I have a schedule with Max. Everything is done a certain way...unless we go out for fun or for our appointments. He sees that it is hard but very nice to be bonding with his son. This whole day I honestly got a day off. I got to sleep 13 hours! YES 13 hours! Rad fed, played and schooled Max. Also, had some time to go online and nap with Max during his nap time. Rad said it nice to actually nap during the day after playing and having mucho fun. He didn't go to the gym like he usually does, which was awesome. So being a stay at home Daddy...his verdict. "Wanna switch?!" lol I love my time with Max and being at home. I know how being at home all the time isn't peachy but I wouldn't have it any other way. So my response to Rad..."Thank you for working and sacrificing yourself by working...We love you Daddy!" Mommy, Daddy and Max had a wonderful day today!

[Max & Daddy's nap time I love this photo!]


Monday, December 26, 2011

To My "Second Mamas"

This is dedicated to Max and Dean's "Second Mamas" xoxo forever!

My husband for a while before went away for work. I lived with my parents and Max was still less than a year old. My best friend "Ate Sher" (older sister in Tagalog) was seriously a second parent to Max. She was there for every little thing and any little thing. She means the world to me. She brought Max and I meals...I didn't have a car. She brought us we won't die of boredom in the house. She took us to doctors when Max was sick and bought Max little things like Baby Vics. Other than my husband and children...she is my world!

[Ate Sher, Ate Lori, & a very happy Max]

Ate re met up with her beautiful souled girlfriend Ate Lori around the time of our wedding. She is the perfect fit to Ate Sher. Funny, silly, loving, and thank God makes Ate Sher a better person...not that she wasn't already. :D Lori has become honorary "Second Mama" to Max...she fit right in and I know in my soul she would do anything for my children as her girl friend always have! As Christmas came and went they didn't forget about little Max...Perhaps they remembered him a little too much and got him A LOT of GIFTS! Crazy women! I love them and I know Max loves them too! Thank you to my "Second Mamas" without you, life would be boring. BTW...I can't wait for you two to get married and have two girls so our children can marry each other! HA! Yeah...I claimed your girls for my sons...thats right! lol Again...thank you for being there and the Awesome Christmas presents! xoxo


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ah Chello Christmas Day

Happy Holidays y'

For those who are having parties and/or going to parties...this might be needed hahaha.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

I'm in a very happy mood. Tired, but very happy. I got a long needed nap I desperately needed for the past week, woke up for Christmas Polish meal, got presents, and finally took nice photos with my husband and two kids...kinda lol. I am currently editing the photos and about to go to my side of the family's Christmas Eve party. I can't wait! More blogging to come...heres a quick family photo! Also Max in action opening his presents!

[Rad, Cher, Max, & Dean]

[It all started with a little innocent gift opening...]

[Then Max killed it... :D]


Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Came Early "Wii"

Good things happens to those who wait...even 3 year old boys named Max. :D

Ever since Max and I went to California and he had his first experience with Wii, he wouldn't stop talking about it. lol. This was in September by the way. So our family knows how much he loves Wii and will attempt to play any game. We also have an Xbox 360 Elite Kinect but for some reason it didn't click with Max. So, Christmas came early and Mr. Max got his presents from my mother and father two days early! A black Wii bundle with the Super Mario Bros game. Rad set it up while I got myself some food :D By the time I got back it was set and looked beautiful with Max's black furniture and Dean's black crib hahaha. Rad thought him how to play, left right up down and shake to twirl up in the air. Max screamed with delight.

I was over joyed. Seeing my little guy happy. Something he's been asking for he got because he was a good boy this year. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve my in laws and my side of the family celebrate Christmas during this night. I can't wait what else is in store for my little guy! :D I'd like to thank my wonderful fun parents for spoiling their grandson Max. The only 3 year old who owns his own engraved Ipad 2 and Wii consul lol.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Public Breast Feeding

Let me go pop my boob out for the world to see...Get over yourself!

It's very ridiculous that this isn't a law in every state. That breast feeding is allowed as long as the mother is cover from front to side. There have been so many more complaints due to the holiday shopping. If a baby is hungry is the mother not allowed to feed their infant or toddler? It's not like the mother's boob is out there flopping around. There is a Facebook group page about a sit in at Targets all over the country. Amazing! I hate how pictures of scantily clothed women are fine but breast feeding is "ewwwed" upon. Stupid people.


[So seeing Rhianna like that vs a mother breast feeding totally cover is wrong?!]

I personally have a 3 year old and nursed him when he was little publicly and I thank God no one had a problem because they would be hearing an earful and I would be calling the cops immediately for assistance. Now that I am 9 months pregnant a week away from my due date you bet your sweet ass I'll be breast feeding all over town! lol I'm glad my family believes and supports in breast feeding. Rad was upset by hearing women all over the country being escorted out because they were in a store fully covered and breast feeding. FULLY COVERED. How does that make sense?! Sad!

Parents out there might feel discourage especially if it is their first and they were discouraged to breast feed in public like some unfortunate women out there throughout the United States. I live in New Jersey and it is allowed to breast feed in public. A law that says "leave me the F alone to feed my child and you can't do anything." Random thought breast milk I kinda want decaf coffee lol. Here's a link to a story of a mother being escorted out of a public building and she's a lawyer. A powerful women...I would love to meet her! :D


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frustrations of a Pregnant Woman [Rant]

I'm more determined to have a natural home birth than a natural hospital birth!

I honestly hate cleaning up the mess thats of others. Hospital billing can go to hell and back! I'm not going into great details because I'll end up clawing at the computer screen and breaking all my nails off. The billing department of anything especially hospitals are hell! I was sent a "letter" stating I should pay for a bill that was never paid for our insurance at the time (3 F-ing years ago!) or face having a stained debt and more bills. Since I've spent a great deal of time making sure my records are clean and immaculate (so when I have money to buy a house or a car) I would NOT have a problem. So all this crap happens and I call the old insurance up...thank God I save everything! Telling them the hospital has never sent any mail/letters, pigeons with a small piece of paper tied to their leg, or a damn smoke signal...NOTHING! And now they expect me to pay for everything. Their off their minds!

I am 9 months pregnant 1 week shy from my due date and I DO NOT need this extra stress. I want things cleared up immediately. If I'm in labor right now (sorry but) this shit better be fixed before this baby's head starts crowning. It's mind numbing calling the hospital's billing department, the person who sent the letter (stating we must pay or more shit will happen), and the old insurance to make sure claims were filed. As I talked to the old insurance they said the hospital never put a claim on them until now which is too late. So our party is not liable to those damn bills. Im like can I get that in writing/tattooed and signed for from God himself please?! So they are calling the hospital to set it straight for my sake, my sanity, and my baby's health. After this is done I still have one more damn bill to take care of. I'm surprised with all this damn stress calling these mindless machine constantly, I haven't had the baby yet. But everything's fine with baby D he's healthy and strong. Seriously, I can't handle more insurance/billing problem bullshit. I am so much more determined to have a natural home birth than to deal with more nonsense.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Shop's Closed

I wanna break somebody's face...that's what I wanna do!

Late Night Anger Post:
Coming home from the hospital hungry with no progress and to a messy place and a very alert and awake 3 year old ughk! Not happy! F you water breaking my ass..."mothers usually hold a pattern" I guess I'll be seeing this kid next year. Fawk going to bed if I can sleep damn this shop is closed and apparently NOT opening.

New Entry:
I've had time to clear mind since last night...I looked at my discharge papers and it said I was 30% effaced. It might be nothing to other women, but if you were me, It deserves a glass of wine! :D With my first son Max, nothing at all happened. I was never dilated, effaced, station did not progress. It was super frustrating and when they finally induced me I was past 42 weeks and GET THIS...wanted to do a C fawking section after just 3 hours of my water breaking. Nuts! SMH then banging it against a metal locker! So as I was saying 30% effaced not much to others, but it got my head up and my spirits high hoping that theirs still a chance. I technically still have 2 more weeks until they induce me.

I thought to myself as I texted my husband like a mad man..."Even if I am not dilated yet at least I'm thinning out my cervix... yeah!" He didn't understand. I tried to explain to him, "If I was a clogged pipe (the clogged part = thick cervix) its 30% less than it was originally!" He said that doesn't seem like its anything at all, i'd rather have 50%. I'll just ignore that comment he made and keep my head up high. So today before lunch, Max and my very pregnant self walked pretty sure two miles around the neighborhood. Max was such a good sport...I love that little nugget! After walking we visited my mother chatted up a bit about last night's hospital visit. We went back home and Max took a nap while I dealt with other nonsense...hmm. Well all is taken care off and I'm off to relax. Oh I still have to cook diner? Bummer...sighs lol.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Written Natural Birth Plan

Let me do my thang...Gawd!

Today was an eventful and very productive day for me. Made all the calls I needed to make, mailed the mail I needed to mail out, cleaned and arranged, wrapped children's presents, bought groceries, and now typing up and printing out my natural birth plan. This being my second child I know how to write a natural birth plan. I've done it with my first son. The only thing that I didn't plan for was a scheduled induction because I was 42 weeks pregnant. 42 WEEKS?! crazy...I just hope not to get induced a second time and go into labor naturally. I thank God I pushed him out naturally as I also hope to do with Dean.

There will be a few teaks this second time around. 1. NO MEDICATION! 2. To let me push when I wanna push. 3. Once he's out not to cut his cord until it has stopped give him an extra push of strength and oxygen. 4. I want to hold him immediately to warm him up skin to skin. 5. Breast feed asap. 6. Let husband cut Dean's cord. 7. I want Dean with me every second and if I'm not with him for my husband to be with him. Pretty simple right. I know a lot of things can go in many different directions. So this plan is my dream natural birthing plan. I hope it happens this way so I can do my thang and have me a sexy baby! :D

[If St. Peter's had a water birth option I'd be so lucky to have it like this...minus the bleeding goat moaning lol]


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Newborn Stash

I felt ready...for Dean!

Ok, sorry about the super late night post of nothing. But here it goes. I decided after holding off for so long of having all my cloth diaper stash newborn ready I can now start pre washing them. As it turned 9am to noon, my husband came back home from the gym asking what's going on with the diapers? lol Ok commitment phoebe there. I wasn't worried about washing pre washing whatever it is. It was the fact we have an High Efficiency washer and I so did not wanna F it up in anyway. I'm the queen of clutz, if there's a way I'll find a way to harm or break myself or the thing I'm trying to use. After I got schooled by grandpa, I felt more comfortable. lol

[Entire Newborn Stash: 2 Pail liners, 2 dry/wet bags, 5 diaper covers, extra fleece liners, indian prefolds w fleece liners on top of them, box of pocket and covers with prefolds and liners already in them, cloth wipes, pins for prefolds, cloth diaper safe baby bum creme, non alcohol hand sanitizer, stain remover, perry bottle, and odor freshener. (all end products are baby safe organic plant based.)]

Ok little background...since I moved in with my husband and in laws I never okay I did the laundry twice and apparently was doing it wrong and before I broke anything I decided to let my husband do all the laundry while I did the folding lol. So as I pre washed my newborn stash of Fuzzibunz, inserts, liners, covers, and indian prefolds. I honestly forgot about Max screaming his lungs out trashing his room while I sat in front of the washer watching the stash wash for 5 minutes. After all was done washed properly I was glad and proud. I didn't F up the washer and I did wash the stash accordingly! I put the Fuzzibunz to hang dry and the rest in the dryer on tumble dry low. Max went to nap and Rad and I did some errands. I came back to a warm non scented washed and dried newborn stash. I felt ready...ready for Dean.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crib & Doc Popcorn

"I'm a big boy this is baby Dean's crib, GET ME OUT!!!!" -Max (Rad putting Max in the crib.)

Today I am two weeks shy of my due date, December 31st, 2011. I called my parents ahead of time to take Max out on a special day. Rad and I...well Rad took Max's Thomas the Tank Engine table apart and put Dean's crib up. A Delta Sedona in black we bought online from Babies R Us. All while Max was with my parents having chinese food for lunch, going on every single possible ride he can at the mall, carousel and all! As he was out from 1-6pm. My parents treated him to some popcorn. Doc Popcorn! Its an all natural healthier snack and the bag has special instructions to tear of the tin tie and compose of the bag properly. Love my parents! :D

We finished up the crib, cleaned up, and organized the toys. My back hurts but its all worth it! Max came back and saw his table gone and whimpered for a second. I showed him his toys were still there but just the table was gone. He was happy and said, "Dean's crib is nice and black!" We had wall decals of Sesame Street for Max because he's in love with Elmo Monster. So we just left it on and the color of the room was generic blue. Everything else for Dean is green and the rest of the decoration is green. Keeping it real simple this second time around. Now all I'm missing is a fresh baby boy!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainbows & Fries Oh My

Rainbows & fries oh my!

Today is Free Fries Day at Burger King. They are giving away their new thicker fries. Thats about it lol. Max and I are big french fries eaters, so we had to get it! and its FREE! It tastes the same and it is thicker. Other than that...sorry Burger King...its the same. Hey, at least we got free fries! :D Chyeah!

[These fries are the shi...]

[Happy Free Fries Day!]

[Copy Cat]

When we got home and I got the mail I screamed. My new Easycare Rainbow 01 woven wrap came. Thank you Maverick Baby! I ordered this perticular wrap because I didn't want a solid color and a pattern with a single color. Also it had great reviews! I prefer wraps because I have full control on what type of carry I would like to do for Dean or Max. Holds a newborn to mega mcfatty toddler age 4. Max is 40 pounds of love and enjoyed being in the wrap. Very surprised he wanted to go on it again. Im 9 months pregnant and carrying Max on my back pretty much even things out, from front to back. It was awesome, amazing, and rainbowrific! I love the color of the rainbow and it goes with black very well. I tend to wear black a lot lol. By the way its a size 4.7m = size 6. A great starter size!

[Making faces in our Easycare Rainbow woven wrap]


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toddlers Making Brownies

"Maxwell makes damn good brownies Mommy!" -Max

Yesterday was a horrible time for me. I was in bed all day. I felt uber bad for not doing much with Max, so today was Max makes a brownie day! I told him later before Mommy cooks dinner Max and I will have a special project. He was excited when I showed him the brownie box. I needed something quick and easy. It took 30 minutes to bake and 10 minutes for Max to make and mix...slowly! He poured all the ingredients, cracked the eggs. We only needed 2 but ended up needing 3 because he dropped an egg on the floor. After all the mess was cleaned up our results was delicious. I would've taken a picture of the final product, but the entire household inhaled it. Something fun for Max to do and something yummy in the adults tummies!

["Look Mommy brownie dust!" -Max]

[Pouring ingredients in]

[Mixing the brownie mix]


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My 3 Year Old Dresses Me

I'm too lazy to dress myself now a days so I let my 3 year old dresses me.

As in my previous post Max is a little trend's his second check for that. Instead of him it's me! I originally went to Pac Sun to look for a t shirt. So the usually I let Max run around (near me) while I browsed. Max came back with a grey loose sweater and bam here it is. He said, "Mommy, here you gow! I like this please, you put on NOW!" So I had no choice I put it on and it fit and thought why not I'd need a sweaterish thing for fall and whatnot. So I bought the damn thing...and he picked the correct size too! I don't know how he does Today I did my usual online browsing of People Magazine under their section of Moms & Babies. I found this! Again Max is a genius! lol I'm pretty sure their grey sweaters wasn't as cheap as mine was but hey Mr. Max fashion genius gets it right again!

[Rebecca Gayheart Dec 6th, Jessica Alba April 23rd, Jessica Simpson Nov 30th] 

[Blonde Mommy (6 months pregnant) & Max Sept 2o11 during our trip to California]


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update: 37 Week Ultrasound

He's big strong like bull!

Today was the "emergency ultrasound" I needed to have at 37th weeks. The doctor thought Dean might be measuring a little bit bigger than what he should be at my 36th week appointment. To get to the point, she was right. 36th week baby should be 6 pounds even. Now that Im in my 37th week it should be 6 1/3 pounds, but Dean is 7 -7.5 pounds which is 40th week's weight measurement. Dean will get bigger since I'm only 3 weeks shy of my due date. He could come up to 8.5 pounds, which for my small girlish figure minus the fat will be BIG for me. As of the moment doctor said that I'm still cool for giving NUCB (natural unmedicated child birth.) But if my OB doctor says other wise within my next appointment this friday I could possibly be induced. I wish he would only get up to 8 pounds and not get induced or c section. Thats my Christmas wish. Also that he's healthy. We'll see...on another days of our lives...

[Dean First Trimester Waving Hiiiii!]


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Chee

It would be a perfect Christmas!

Today after dinner we finally decided to put up our 'Christmas Chee' as Max called it. :) Max was much more excited than last years tree setting up. Today he actually helped give me each ornament to hang. I gave him the wooden ornaments to hang and hang them he did. He enjoyed helping and he also sang jingle bells the first two lines repeatedly. Lol. As we completed and I took pictures, I felt happy. I thought to myself what a wonderful present to have Dean come out safe and by Christmas. The four of us celebrating Christmas would be a perfect dream! Hmm a girl can dream. Tomorrow is my ultrasound and we shall see what will happen.

["Horray for Christmas Chee!" -Max]


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seussical Jr. The Musical

"A person's a person, no matter how small!" -Horton.

Today almost looked bleak...until I searched on Nj Family's site for todays activities. I found out our local theatre The Forum in Metuchen was putting its last day of Seussical Jr. the musical. I know Max was a big fan of The Cat in the Hat, but wasn't sure about live people on stage. So, Rad drove very quickly to get our tickets and got the best front row seats! I told Max that Daddy had gotten us front row seats to Seussical Jr. where he will see Horton the elephant and the Cat in the Hat. Max's ticket came with a Cat in the Hat paper hat! He was super excited and kept saying, "Mommy! Mommy! I wanna go to Cat's party!" So as we ate lunch, got ready, and left at 1:30 pm.

[Seussical Jr. flyer]

As we walked in warm air blew at us...thank God! It was uber pact! There were no seats left open. I knew this would be great! So many children and families. As it started...Maxwell screamed with delight and kept responding out loud as if it were a larger than life television. As 2 hours passed by, Max was still awake, happy, and wanted more! My husband and I enjoyed ourselves too. The children who preformed did great! As the director announced that another musical/play will be happening in the Spring of 2o12, Max said he wanted to go to that one too! And I think we will!

[Max's Cat in the Hat paper hat and cast list]