Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crib & Doc Popcorn

"I'm a big boy this is baby Dean's crib, GET ME OUT!!!!" -Max (Rad putting Max in the crib.)

Today I am two weeks shy of my due date, December 31st, 2011. I called my parents ahead of time to take Max out on a special day. Rad and I...well Rad took Max's Thomas the Tank Engine table apart and put Dean's crib up. A Delta Sedona in black we bought online from Babies R Us. All while Max was with my parents having chinese food for lunch, going on every single possible ride he can at the mall, carousel and all! As he was out from 1-6pm. My parents treated him to some popcorn. Doc Popcorn! Its an all natural healthier snack and the bag has special instructions to tear of the tin tie and compose of the bag properly. Love my parents! :D

We finished up the crib, cleaned up, and organized the toys. My back hurts but its all worth it! Max came back and saw his table gone and whimpered for a second. I showed him his toys were still there but just the table was gone. He was happy and said, "Dean's crib is nice and black!" We had wall decals of Sesame Street for Max because he's in love with Elmo Monster. So we just left it on and the color of the room was generic blue. Everything else for Dean is green and the rest of the decoration is green. Keeping it real simple this second time around. Now all I'm missing is a fresh baby boy!


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