Monday, December 19, 2011

Written Natural Birth Plan

Let me do my thang...Gawd!

Today was an eventful and very productive day for me. Made all the calls I needed to make, mailed the mail I needed to mail out, cleaned and arranged, wrapped children's presents, bought groceries, and now typing up and printing out my natural birth plan. This being my second child I know how to write a natural birth plan. I've done it with my first son. The only thing that I didn't plan for was a scheduled induction because I was 42 weeks pregnant. 42 WEEKS?! crazy...I just hope not to get induced a second time and go into labor naturally. I thank God I pushed him out naturally as I also hope to do with Dean.

There will be a few teaks this second time around. 1. NO MEDICATION! 2. To let me push when I wanna push. 3. Once he's out not to cut his cord until it has stopped give him an extra push of strength and oxygen. 4. I want to hold him immediately to warm him up skin to skin. 5. Breast feed asap. 6. Let husband cut Dean's cord. 7. I want Dean with me every second and if I'm not with him for my husband to be with him. Pretty simple right. I know a lot of things can go in many different directions. So this plan is my dream natural birthing plan. I hope it happens this way so I can do my thang and have me a sexy baby! :D

[If St. Peter's had a water birth option I'd be so lucky to have it like this...minus the bleeding goat moaning lol]


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