Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Shop's Closed

I wanna break somebody's face...that's what I wanna do!

Late Night Anger Post:
Coming home from the hospital hungry with no progress and to a messy place and a very alert and awake 3 year old ughk! Not happy! F you water breaking my ass..."mothers usually hold a pattern" I guess I'll be seeing this kid next year. Fawk going to bed if I can sleep damn this shop is closed and apparently NOT opening.

New Entry:
I've had time to clear mind since last night...I looked at my discharge papers and it said I was 30% effaced. It might be nothing to other women, but if you were me, It deserves a glass of wine! :D With my first son Max, nothing at all happened. I was never dilated, effaced, station did not progress. It was super frustrating and when they finally induced me I was past 42 weeks and GET THIS...wanted to do a C fawking section after just 3 hours of my water breaking. Nuts! SMH then banging it against a metal locker! So as I was saying 30% effaced not much to others, but it got my head up and my spirits high hoping that theirs still a chance. I technically still have 2 more weeks until they induce me.

I thought to myself as I texted my husband like a mad man..."Even if I am not dilated yet at least I'm thinning out my cervix... yeah!" He didn't understand. I tried to explain to him, "If I was a clogged pipe (the clogged part = thick cervix) its 30% less than it was originally!" He said that doesn't seem like its anything at all, i'd rather have 50%. I'll just ignore that comment he made and keep my head up high. So today before lunch, Max and my very pregnant self walked pretty sure two miles around the neighborhood. Max was such a good sport...I love that little nugget! After walking we visited my mother chatted up a bit about last night's hospital visit. We went back home and Max took a nap while I dealt with other nonsense...hmm. Well all is taken care off and I'm off to relax. Oh CRAP...do I still have to cook diner? Bummer...sighs lol.


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