Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Speaker At John P. Stevens High School

Morning! Just this Monday the 28th I was invited by Mrs. De Mattia the Family Consumer Sciences Teacher, FCCLA and HRC Co-adviser to be a guest speaker! I was excited to talk about my family's parenting style. The talk consisted of Attachment Parenting: breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering. Also about pregnancy! I enjoyed talking to the classes because one I got to inform them about attachment parenting and how its not that crazy as the media spins it to be! Two, I GOT TO TALK TO TEENAGERS and not little people ages 4 and under! :D But the main thing I told the students to remember that there is no wrong parenting style. You and your husband/partner need to figure out with the situation/beliefs you feel is right for you.

It was awesome, I got to show them newborn cloth diapers and pocket one sized cloth diapers, its inserts and liners and what cloth diapering is about. I showed them my stash of baby carriers and the proper safe way to carry your child. [NEVER FRONT FORWARD FACING ex: baby bjorn >.<] Mrs. De Mattia gave me the cat in the hat doll to demonstrate baby wearing. A scary real looking baby doll lol on how easy to do cloth diapers. Pictures of a high back carry with dean in my ring sling. The awesome tandem baby wearing both children while pregnant! How having a baby carrier helps you breastfeed and do normal activities [cleaning, cooking, playing with older/other children.] Breast is best and if you could it would be great for you or your wife to give your child. I quickly talked about my plans on tandem breastfeeding and how I'm reading a great book by Hilary Flower.

The student's enjoyed my fun and educational talk and I thank Mrs. De Mattia for the awesome opportunity for letting me share a part of my family's life and what works for us. I let the students know a great advice, "No matter what it is in life you're dealing with ORGANIZATION is key!" [student/family life] and "Remember...don't get pregnant until you are 50 years old!" lol.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diapers

I am truly excited to be able to do cloth diapers on my third baby. Newborn diapers are seriously the next cutest thing next to newborn clothes and your own actual newborn. Today I am 35 weeks and finally hit me...I should really start prepping my newborn cloth diapers. I have 32 pocket newborn cloth diapers with 32 microfiber inserts. I prepped them with our usual cloth diaper safe detergent all free and clear and a drop or two of blue dawn to strip. I wash them out well and here they are ready for my little baby! :D So excited!

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 35

Working out...I haven't really talked much about that. What I did last year in December towards the end of my second pregnancy [wow lol] I did pregnancy Tai Chi and Prenatal Yoga. I loved it because it eased my braxton hicks contraction and some pains I was feeling. This third time around being pregnant I have been put on bed rest so doing Tai Chi and prenatal yoga is still cool...if I take my time and move slowly lol. The great thing about doing these exercise is that it is easy enough and smooth to not hurt me. But remember before starting any program whether diet or workout regimen also ask your Midwife or OB! I am starting again slowly so I don't put myself in the hospital with a broken back. But so far everything is going well I'll do an update next week!

There are different prenatal workouts for other pregnant mamas to try out: prenatal zumba [yes!], aqua boot camp, the daily method, and the bar method. I know once this baby starts to move in permenently [40 weeks] I'll be doing hardcore prenatal zumba along with the daily method for sure lol. But again please be safe pregnant mamas!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 34

This week is very eventful! Tuesday my husband and I are celebrating our second year wedding anniversary. Thursday is my uhh 20 something-th birthday lol. I honestly can't remember what age I am lol. But two years in a row of being married I have been pregnant...a snow is coming Monday so that's exciting I love snow! As I blog I'm thinking this is the only actual time I was pregnant while I had my birthday. I know with Max I got pregnant in February and Dean had him before my birthday ever hit. So this lil guy/gal is special. Just hope he/she doesn't come on our wedding anniversary or my birthday during the winter chill snow lol.

I have also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea daily. I have never tried it before. I loved it, I just have it straight up. I let the tea bag soak for ten minutes and then drink. I've noticed it seems to ease the pain I've been having and I am all for that. Breastfeeding wise nothing has changed or nothing was affected. Let the last weeks of pregnancy commence!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chocolate Chip Rolled Pancakes With Nutella

Quick and easy chocolate chip rolled pancakes with nutella! Need I explain more? :D

What You'll Need:
pancake mix [and necessary mix needs water/oil]
chocolate chips
cooking spray

The quick and easy make the pancake mix. Heat up the pan and spray cooking spray. Add batter and add the chocolate chips. Watch until batter bubbles and then flip. Once cooked spread thin layer of nutella and roll it up. It's like a chocolaty burrito. :D Not the healthiest but it sure is good...ENJOY!

Sleep Training A Toddler

Sleep training a toddler is a joke. They do whatever they want. The last thing I ever want to do is force anything on a growing child. If my kid isn't ready he isn't ready. But sometimes out of the blue, they will amazing you! Our experience with sleep training is HELL ON EARTH! Not only are we not getting less and less precious minutes to an hr or more of sleep neither is Dean. I've honestly read it all. Some ideas/theories work great for some parents others it just wont. We are in the WONT WORK AND IF YOU DRAG IT OUT ILL BRING HELL!

This is why we are starting this. I currently sleep in Max's twin bed, co sleeping with our one year old son Dean while pregnant and breastfeeding. Sounds fun huh? I honestly never had a problem sleep until now being 7 months pregnant. The twin bed was getting tighter and I wanted to be comfortable so his night stays in the crib got longer. But every couple of hours he would be up like clock work wanting cuddle time and some boob. Max was co sleeping with Daddy in our big bed all snug and comfortable. :/ Jealous of my 4 year old lol.

So Dean's been in the crib on and off no pressure since he was around 6 months. Also done when he was ready. Now since we don't believe in C.I.O [cry it out] method, every time he would whine or semi or even quasi cry we get him. He seems happier so that's what we do. Now the super bigger reason we are doing it is for me to prepare him to be in the crib all night as he gets replaced lol yes by his younger sibling to breastfeed. So far 2 months have passed by it hasn't work. NOTHING has.

We ended up moving Max back to his twin bed, Dean in the middle of my husband and I in our big bed and all is well in the world. Dean still goes in the crib so he is okay when the third child comes. I am thinking about getting an arms reach co sleeper for the third baby while Dean is in the middle. So that's what works for us and later when Dean is really ready he'll sleep throughout the night like his big brother Max.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeopathic Remedies

With each week the weather changes from spring like to cold blistering winds in the teens. We have been lucky not too much sickness going around but when it did it was all in one shot. Also just common things we get and their natural remedies. We try to practice here in the house healthy living and prevention is key to a healthy winter!

Homeopathic remedies for adults:

cold/cough/flu = nasal irrigation, warm soup, humidifier, hot tea.
aches/pains = arnica cream.
farting problems = ginger, anise, peppermint, coriander and dill.
indegestion/heartburn = apple cider vinegar.
sore throat = warm water with salt and gargle.
cuts/bruises = simple as clean bandage up cuts, for bruises R.est I.ce C.ompression E.levation.
head aches = rubbing peppermint or lavendar oil, or have a little caffeen.
tummy aches = flat soda.
nausea = ginger.
burns = aloe vera.
tooth ache = clove oil and garlic.
athletes foot = soak with diluted white vinegar.

Homeopathic remedies for children:

dandruff = aloe vera and rinse apple cider vinegar.
acne/sensitive skin = oatmeal.
allergies = drink green tea 2-3 cups.
cold/cough/flu = hydration, humidifier.
teething = clove oil for swelling gums.
cuts/bruises = simple as clean bandage up cuts, for bruises R.est I.ce C.ompression E.levation.
bleeding = cayenne pepper stops it!
ear infection = garlic oil or white vinegar.
tummy aches = chamomile tea.
pink eye = cold compress for allergy, warm compress for swelling.
fever = cream of tartar. fever tea. combine 1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, 2 1/2 cups warm water, and 1/2 teaspoon honey. drink 4 to 6 ounces at a time.

What are a few of your favorite homeopathic remedies? For yourself? For your children?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 33

[week 33]

So my photo shoot went well! My son's birthday was last week and it was truly a busy busy week. Pregnancy caught back up with me and I crashed...I crashed HARD! But before the major crash landing into a hospital bed. Not due to exhaustion just random leaking and sharp pain throughout my belly and my left side. As every person would do I would self diagnose through Google lol. But after reading through other peoples experiences and thoughts...I called my nurse. I emptied my bladder, put on a pad to see if there were anymore leaking. lol After I rested and there was no more leaking I went to the hospital Thursday morning. I found out I was randomly leaking and I am now 2cm dilated. FUN :/ I also had an ultrasound to see if my amniotic fluid was still enough. The baby is growing and moving a lot. Best of all there's enough fluid in there to drown an adult lol. So all is ok...thank God!

Also...I colored my hair BLACK! Yes...I colored my hair. My hair for a yea has been ombre brunette to blonde and for the photo shoot I wanted to show my natural beauty? lol I got my nails done, my brows, played with makeup I have barely touched since the last party...New Years lol. But yeah...there are so many that say DO NOT color hair some say it's ok. With my second pregnancy with Dean I colored my hair blonde and if anyone knows natural jet black to blonde is way crazy long and the smell is just ungodly. I've got the ok from my OB and I did my research and decided to do it. But now I'm back to my natural hair color and all is good. I also had my prenatal appointment and had an ultrasound all is well...also found out the sex of the baby...but for the rest of you's still a secret!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 32

[week 32]

Things for this week has been pretty much the same. The pain and I've actually felt a little better more energy  This Saturday I will be doing my maternity photo shoot so that I can't wait for. So in true girly girl on fashion this pregnant mama went shopping! Don't get me wrong I hate shopping but I knew the key stuff I was missing from my wardrobe  I also hate maternity clothes so since I lost weight I took advanced and finally went to forever 21 which I finally fit in!!! :D AWESOME! I slowly waddled about looking for great deals and my key items. I also went to H&m. I got great deals and finally see clothes fitting me well everywhere but my pregnant belly but that'll go away lol. AFTER A LOT OF WORK! XXL to M-L! I'm super excited I can't wait to see my photo shoot!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 31

First of all Happy New Years! My sick family and I didn't make it. I made it up to 11:32pm :/ lol Last day of my 30 weeks my belly button finally is an outtie. Rad noticed it while I was slowly dressing myself with great difficultly lol. Hugged me, gave me a kiss and said, "Honey, you're almost done baking!" I smiled and said, "Get off me or help me put this damn shirt on!" So now I'm at 31 weeks and still in bed rest with a soft cervix and 1 cm dilated I feel decent? I still end up moving around because I have other children that need me. Bed rest is a great pain in the ass, but I have to unless I want the baby to randomly bungee jump out of me...not a good idea. lol. I personally have been still having hard time bending as if I was going to break the baby's poor neck when I bend in any direction. His/her head has worked its way down my canal. I feel it oh boy I FEEL IT! I try to keep positive and well enough rested in time for Dean's [#2] first birthday on January 8th. I can't believe after what happened with having contractions I am still nursing...less...but still nursing. I just can't wait to meet baby #3. OB said it's ok to give birth starting date of February 10th my 37th week...but I pray to  keep him/her longer inside the better! I wish to give birth on March 8th my husband's birthday! Well many more weeks of waiting and praying.