Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 32

[week 32]

Things for this week has been pretty much the same. The pain and I've actually felt a little better more energy  This Saturday I will be doing my maternity photo shoot so that I can't wait for. So in true girly girl on fashion this pregnant mama went shopping! Don't get me wrong I hate shopping but I knew the key stuff I was missing from my wardrobe  I also hate maternity clothes so since I lost weight I took advanced and finally went to forever 21 which I finally fit in!!! :D AWESOME! I slowly waddled about looking for great deals and my key items. I also went to H&m. I got great deals and finally see clothes fitting me well everywhere but my pregnant belly but that'll go away lol. AFTER A LOT OF WORK! XXL to M-L! I'm super excited I can't wait to see my photo shoot!

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