Thursday, November 29, 2012

Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Again with the trend of marshmallow. I just can't get enough! It's addictive! Sweet coma that follows....ughk...heaven lol. Anyways...Max has been bugging me for pancakes and I knew I wanted marshmallows to be involved. Mixed it with his favorite chocolate chips and bang!

What You'll Need:
Pancake mix
spray mix
cooking spray
chocolate chips

I made it into an awesome breakfast and cut the pancakes out into Pac Man and his Ghost friend. :D Not only did Max enjoy his breakfast but he had fun...that he kinda didn't want to cut them up. lol Enjoy! Follow pancake mix instructions mix in bowl with a whisk. Then I simply cut the marshmallows into sticks and dropped them in the batter along with the chocolate chips. Spray the pan as it heats and add the batter with all its yummy goodness. Wait for it to bubble up then flip over. Let it cool off a bit and cut into favorite shapes! :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 26

[26 weeks pregnant :D]

I'm sexy and I know it...and an emotional wreck! lol I've been feeling super "cute" lol wanting to dress up. Maybe to feel better emotionally. I've been feeling a bit withdrawn from my husband and the rest of the world this week and what a better way to make myself feel better to do a little retail therapy and dress up lol. Anyways...I love deals and shopping for NON MATERNITY clothes. I can't stand looking for cute maternity clothes that actually fit and aren't strechy. If I want stretchy I'd wear sweat pants lol. As I've lost weight I went from an XL to a L to a M. I grew concerned but somewhat happy. I feel the baby more active, climbing up to my lungs. He/she kicks rather hard. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels super sexy/cute when pregnant. I feel powerful as a woman making a child nothing more sexy than that. But there are days where I feel like a heffalump. :/ If you can't tell my thoughts are scattered. That's pregnancy for you. But all and all I feel great about to enter my third trimester and definitely growing. I can't wait to meet baby number three in March!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Filipino Polish Thanksgiving 2012

Its officially Thanksgiving. We are visiting both sides of our families, and I cant wait to stuff my pregnant face and forever scar my unborn child making he/she cramped with international food. lol First we went to my side of the family 10 minutes away to my aunts house. We ate Filipino food and turkey. Had some red velvet cake with chocolate chips in it. Delicious times! Dean ate a lot fo turkey rice and pancit. [thin noodles] We also had the crispiest fire roasted pig! I personally don't eat pork, but in rare special occasions I will inhale! :D I tried to eat a lot so I can gain weight. I guess I'll see tomorrow if I gained weight...I hope so!

Now it was time to go to my husband's side of the family. Polish food here we come! So on the drive there...of corse we came across traffic. We took photos of the road and our kids in the back, and ourselves being well us. :D I am thankful to have a family as weird and fun as mine! Once we hour later :/ we were all greeted in Polish and English on how our host Rad's uncle was blessed to have all his family there for Thanksgiving. He cut the turkey and gave pieces to everyone. I loved how everyone even babies had their own seating! :D It was wonderful and welcoming. I felt at home. Everyone spoke Polish and I understood only but a few words and tried to piece them together. It was fun and all the young children got to run around and go crazy.

I am truly thankful for my family even though we are young...I wouldn't have it any other way. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my boys and our third child to raise them and see them grow daily 24/7. I am truly appreciative of my husband working for us everyday to financially support us. I am happy to have family close by and have their full support in all what my growing family does. Now as I sit at home with my husband force hugging Max while singing the Dragon Tales theme song and Max saying, "NO DADDY I DON'T LIKE THAT SONG!" lol And Dean walking around holding his toy cell phone yapping away. I love my family and I thank God I have them in my life! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Arts And Crafts

Today we did two cool Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts. Thanksgiving Hands and THANKFUL Turkey. For both crafts all I needed were several different colored construction paper, two pipe cleaners, googly eyes, crayon, scissors, glue, and paper toilet roll.

First project is Thanksgiving Hands. Each hand I helped Max write what he was most thankful for. 4 year olds have some interesting silly things they are thankful for lol. Where in between cutting the traced hand of Max, we went over his colors, numbers, and the meaning of the letters. I made a base to have Max glue all his hands together. I also stuck a pipe cleaner and made it into a ring to hang on a door knob.

Second awesomely cool project is THANKFUL Turkey. I cut the feathers while Max glued them together on another base I made. He also picked the googly eyes and glued all its face on the toilet paper roll. I again made the ring with the pipe cleaner so we can hang up the project.

Both projects were fun and quick to do. We went through colors, counting, and the meaning of the words. Also how to spell THANKSGIVING, THANKFUL, and TURKEY.

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 25

[25 weeks pregnant :D]

25th week of my pregnancy and I think it has been a real horror! [emotionally speaking.] I have been the most evil person on earth! I feel like I have no patience and one thing that I don't agree or don't like , God Bless the person going against or nearest me. I am a pretty open person and I am very ashamed I have openly attacked my husband verbally due to my uncontrollable emotional stertorous anger. I stomp and scream at him and call him names, and say things I know I usually won't say. He takes it and is a nice enough guy to not slap the shit out of me. Sometimes I wish he would, so I would get out of that horrible funk of an attitude. I don't think using pregnancy as an excuse for my horrible verbal and hormonal behavior the right thing. I know pregnancy isn't all pretty and this is the horrible side, the ugly side. I apologize and have apologized to my husband and I know he loves and forgives me. He even says, "I only put up with your crazy shit because you are pregnant!" lol I love you Rad and I want to tell you I'm sorry for the past week and I wish I can switch this off but you and I will have to ride it out. This week really sucked. Very emotionally draining for the both of us. For you other mamas don't hate, you know this happens. It gets even the best of us. I'm just honest enough to talk about it. Oh, as for the baby all is good he/she is doing well...still having ligament pains but I assume that'll stay for a while or until I give birth. I guess the mother isn't the only one who suffers during the pregnancy lol. Sorry husband...remember my body is no longer adorable host has taken over. Please forgive me? :D

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Who Kidnapped Santa? Review

Do you love the game Clue? I remember playing it when I was little, and I loved it. Party Games Plus dot com has created a wonderful Christmas printable game for your entire family and friends to enjoy this Christmas. The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt Caper is an easy game: just print, follow the instructions, and play. I decided to do a mock game with my 4 year old son and husband. They did pretty well and had fun doing it. From young to old we all enjoyed. I can't wait to try it out on the rest of my family this Christmas!

So What is this scavenger hunt about? Well...Santa was kidnapped and we have to find out which of the 6 guilty elf's did it. With what and where they are hiding poor old Santa! The players also need to find out what kind of contraption whether it be a sleeping potion, or a block of ice fashioned into a ice gun! Sounds fun already. Six possible kidnappers, six possible ways, and six possible places to find Santa. Are you game?

How do you play this awesome game?...I would randomly pick a card in the beginning  kidnapper, weapon, and location. Then hide the rest of the other cards in different places, like under the Christmas tree. Teams will be made and will also be given a a check list showing a picture and a caption for all suspects, weapons, and location. Each team must use the process of elimination to work their way down to the correct possible culprit, weapon, and location. Once they are sure they can hand the host their picks and see if they have won!

Within the cards randomly placed around the room there are also "Uh-Ohh" cards. They have silly situations for the other team player to act out. Like the picture above. This adds another dimension to this Christmas Scavenger Hunt. The player must continue the act out the cards instructions until the next respite card. Fun huh? :D

Who doesn't want to play this also as an ice breaker? It's honestly a great way to get everybody involved and not just sitting drinking Uncle Tom's "special" Holiday Egg Nog. So play and enjoy a laugh or two with Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Who Kidnapped Santa? It'll definitely be a interesting Christmas this year...ENJOY!

Check Party Games Plus website and to check out the The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt Caper click here!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway


[Chocolate Cups]
These were my husband's favorites hands down! His other love other than me and his children are chocolate and peanut butter. So once we received the Newman's Own Organics products he grabbed it fast. :D He inhaled it and said, "MORE!" He said it went down very chocolaty and creamy. I told him there are five other flavors: Peanut Butter in Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, a delicious Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cup and a rich Caramel cup rounding out the selection in either Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate. Also all five flavors carry a Rainforest Alliance Certified.

[Alphabet Cookies]
Max's favorite product from Newman's Own Organics. He loved how each cookie was branded with an alphabet. These Alphabet Cookies were tasty and not at all sweet. I loved how I feel good enough for my 3 year old to snack on these cookies without worrying about the sweetness. He ended up trying to spell his name but couldn't find a letter X. Clever boy. Not only these cookies are deliciuos but they are educationally fun! They come in three yummy flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon Graham, and Chocolate.

[Dried Fruits]
I honestly wanted Dean to be a part of this review so in awesome Mommy ideas, I pureed the Newman's Own Organic Dried Fruits the Apricots flavor [without adding anything.] As I fed Dean his new snack his eyes widened. What an awesome snack to give my 8 month old. Not only is it organic, it wasn't too sweet. I also added small chopped pieces in yogurt for his next days snack. I am very happy to see him eating healthy and enjoying it! The Dried Fruits come in six flavors: Raisins, Cranberries, Pitted Prunes, Apples, Apricots and a Berry Blend.

[Sour Licorice]
I was really surprised that the Sour Cherry Licorice was my favorite Newman's Own Organic product out of the whole bunch! I am personally not fond of licorice, though I do love cherries so the Sour Cherry flavor is what I gravitated towards. I'm glad I tried it! It wasn't as sour as I thought it would be and it was just enough sweetness to make me come back for more. I also love the Mango flavor. I believe the only Licorice I would eat is Newman's Own Organics! The Sour Licorice has four awesome flavors: Sour Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Mango and Sour Apple.


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kelly Kits Review

Ever since my son Max could hold a crayon and enjoy putting things together, arts and crafts were our escape from the world. We can be creative and have fun in the process of it all. With Kelly Kits we were super excited to try their green sculpting Kelly Klay. Kelly Kits is a monthly subscription arts and craft projects mailed to your home for $9.99 per month. [Canada is $19.99.] When Kelly Kits Kelly Klay came in the mail Max screamed with delight. He screched, "YEAHY ARTS AND CRAFTS MAMA!" I was excited to see how excited he was and he didn't even start the project yet.

Max looked at the instructions and he said, "Looks simple enough!" hahaha! and he sure was right! I was happy to see his eyes light up so bright about this project. But first he did need Mommy to boil the water and he mixed the awesomely green powder. As he slowly mixed he saw the powder form into its soft doughie state. We let it cool off for 5 minutes. Within that time we cleaned up our mess. I love how we can play with Kelly Klay for up to 4 weeks.

There's just something diffferent with playing with play dough and actually making it and then playing with it. Max was happy to play and tell all his classmates the next day at preschool. I love in the instruction guide below it says "curriculum sections." Preschool and Elementary. Max being 2-6 age range, was Preschool. We used Kelly Klay in making numbers, letters, and shapes. It's a wonderful fun and educational project. We love Kelly Kits in our home. Why not have Kelly Kits in yours?! :D

Make sure to check out the Kelly Kits website! Keep connected with Kelly Kits by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. And for videos check them out on YouTube!

Peek Away Nursing Kit Review

Peek Away Nursing Kit 4 in 1 travel pack is awesome! It has everything a first time or even third time nursing mama could ever want. It is truly amazing. I have taken this beautiful printed product out and was asked by a couple of women on what it was. They too were amazed how so many things can be in a cute little diaper clutch bag. Not only is it compact, its very easy to use. We cloth diaper Dean [our 10 month old son] it fits three fine and folded up wet bag for dirty diaper. It was quick going into the bathroom to change him and not have to dig into my bigger than life diaper bag for all the items...that was pleasantly moved around since last used by my husband. :/ Come on know how that feels. Again, it was quick and easy. I loved using it and now around the holidays around the corner and few more pregnant mama friends Peek Away Nursing Kit would be a great holiday gift!

The Peek Away Nursing Kit is an amazing unique travel pack of 4 in 1 essentials: a traveling nursing pillow, diaper changing station, with a strap that attaches to the pillow and transforms into a cool diaper clutch, and a nursing cover. It also has a two built in pockets for anything such as a few diapers and a pack of wipes.

Purchase Peek Away Nursing Kit on their website for $48.98.

Make sure to check out the Peek Away website! Keep connected with Peek Away by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.