.|[Happy Christmas Central Nj, 12.25.12]|.

Our Christmas family portrait. The five of us, well [7 months pregnant] 1/5th is still baking. We had a great Christmas Holiday with our families and glad to see that 2o13 will be a bright future for our growing young family. Happy Christmas and New Years everybody! xoxo


.|[Welcome to the world Nathan Daniel Central Nj, o3.1o.13]|.

Daylight savings baby surprise! The last you want during spring forward daylight savings time is extra sleep. Well I got that extra hour of sleep but once I stood up my water broke! Funny I'm supposed to be induced the next day at 10am. I Nathan Daniel had other plans! Nathan was earth bound o3.1o.13 at 7:30pm 7.11lbs and 20.5in. I had my natural birth plan follow through great and he was very alert and happy! Welcome to the world Nate we love you more than life itself!

.|[Mom's Night OUT!!! Central Nj, o4.o3.13]|.

First night out with ladies [fellow local mamas]. I had only stayed for an hour, but it was a nice hour away from it all. I ordered my first drink in two years. Being pregnant two years in a row I wanted something yummy. Due to breastfeeding I only wanted to drink one drink. I ordered a Scooby Snack. It consists of Malibu+Midori+Pineapple juice+whipped cream. So good! I cant wait to have another time to just relax and drink...away from it all. It was a good night!

                                                .|[Nathan's Baptism Linden Nj, o9.o1.13]|.

We are happy to announce Nathan Daniel welcome to the Christian world! :D Our little pudgums was baptized today and was a happy alert little man. Though mid way through the baptism he had the hiccups. He was entertained and happy. I was happy to have my cousin Rio come out from California to be his God Mother. The day went well and so did the party. Beautiful!

                                        .|[Officially a mini van mama Central Nj, 1o.o4.13]|.

I honestly haven't had a car of my own since 2oo7. I had to share a car with my boyfriend now husband. Can you believe that?! Drove me nuts! Now Maxwell's in school we had no choice but to finally buy moi a car. Meet my new whip Alfie the mini van.

.|[Pumpkin Picking East Brunswick Nj, 1o.13.13]|.

Pumpkin picking we went to our usual place every year. It was fun and when the pictures came along as you can see it started to go down hill. I swear the boys only start having the melting faces when they take pictures with Mommy. :/ lol

                                     .|[ Juvenile Diabetes Walk East Brunswick Nj, 1o.27.13]|.

Proud to be a part of the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for Cure. We have people in our family that have been diagnosed with diabetes when they were young and we love to do things as a family and show our children to get involved.

                                        .|[Ninja Turtles and Shredder Central Nj, 1o.31.13]|.

Yeah it happened. I'm shredder lol. My husband and the boys were the Ninja Turtles. Clever lot we are. lol It was fun! We went trick or treating at our local mall because it was raining out. :/ It went well and I made my helmet all with duct tape and one cereal box. :D

                                          .|[Maxwell's 5th Birthday Central Nj, 11.o4.13]|.

My baby is 5 years old! How the hell did that happen?! Well it came and I'm excited to see where the rest of this year takes my little man. We love you and hope only the best for you

                                  .|[Our Identical girls R.I.P at 14 weeks Central Nj, 11.15.13]|.

To our biggest surprise we were pregnant again. This time with identical twins. They were only here for a short amount of time but doesn't mean I love them any less. I miss my daughters.

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