Monday, November 19, 2012

Peek Away Nursing Kit Review

Peek Away Nursing Kit 4 in 1 travel pack is awesome! It has everything a first time or even third time nursing mama could ever want. It is truly amazing. I have taken this beautiful printed product out and was asked by a couple of women on what it was. They too were amazed how so many things can be in a cute little diaper clutch bag. Not only is it compact, its very easy to use. We cloth diaper Dean [our 10 month old son] it fits three fine and folded up wet bag for dirty diaper. It was quick going into the bathroom to change him and not have to dig into my bigger than life diaper bag for all the items...that was pleasantly moved around since last used by my husband. :/ Come on know how that feels. Again, it was quick and easy. I loved using it and now around the holidays around the corner and few more pregnant mama friends Peek Away Nursing Kit would be a great holiday gift!

The Peek Away Nursing Kit is an amazing unique travel pack of 4 in 1 essentials: a traveling nursing pillow, diaper changing station, with a strap that attaches to the pillow and transforms into a cool diaper clutch, and a nursing cover. It also has a two built in pockets for anything such as a few diapers and a pack of wipes.

Purchase Peek Away Nursing Kit on their website for $48.98.

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