Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 25

[25 weeks pregnant :D]

25th week of my pregnancy and I think it has been a real horror! [emotionally speaking.] I have been the most evil person on earth! I feel like I have no patience and one thing that I don't agree or don't like , God Bless the person going against or nearest me. I am a pretty open person and I am very ashamed I have openly attacked my husband verbally due to my uncontrollable emotional stertorous anger. I stomp and scream at him and call him names, and say things I know I usually won't say. He takes it and is a nice enough guy to not slap the shit out of me. Sometimes I wish he would, so I would get out of that horrible funk of an attitude. I don't think using pregnancy as an excuse for my horrible verbal and hormonal behavior the right thing. I know pregnancy isn't all pretty and this is the horrible side, the ugly side. I apologize and have apologized to my husband and I know he loves and forgives me. He even says, "I only put up with your crazy shit because you are pregnant!" lol I love you Rad and I want to tell you I'm sorry for the past week and I wish I can switch this off but you and I will have to ride it out. This week really sucked. Very emotionally draining for the both of us. For you other mamas don't hate, you know this happens. It gets even the best of us. I'm just honest enough to talk about it. Oh, as for the baby all is good he/she is doing well...still having ligament pains but I assume that'll stay for a while or until I give birth. I guess the mother isn't the only one who suffers during the pregnancy lol. Sorry husband...remember my body is no longer adorable host has taken over. Please forgive me? :D

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