Monday, November 19, 2012

Kelly Kits Review

Ever since my son Max could hold a crayon and enjoy putting things together, arts and crafts were our escape from the world. We can be creative and have fun in the process of it all. With Kelly Kits we were super excited to try their green sculpting Kelly Klay. Kelly Kits is a monthly subscription arts and craft projects mailed to your home for $9.99 per month. [Canada is $19.99.] When Kelly Kits Kelly Klay came in the mail Max screamed with delight. He screched, "YEAHY ARTS AND CRAFTS MAMA!" I was excited to see how excited he was and he didn't even start the project yet.

Max looked at the instructions and he said, "Looks simple enough!" hahaha! and he sure was right! I was happy to see his eyes light up so bright about this project. But first he did need Mommy to boil the water and he mixed the awesomely green powder. As he slowly mixed he saw the powder form into its soft doughie state. We let it cool off for 5 minutes. Within that time we cleaned up our mess. I love how we can play with Kelly Klay for up to 4 weeks.

There's just something diffferent with playing with play dough and actually making it and then playing with it. Max was happy to play and tell all his classmates the next day at preschool. I love in the instruction guide below it says "curriculum sections." Preschool and Elementary. Max being 2-6 age range, was Preschool. We used Kelly Klay in making numbers, letters, and shapes. It's a wonderful fun and educational project. We love Kelly Kits in our home. Why not have Kelly Kits in yours?! :D

Make sure to check out the Kelly Kits website! Keep connected with Kelly Kits by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. And for videos check them out on YouTube!

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