Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Who Kidnapped Santa? Review

Do you love the game Clue? I remember playing it when I was little, and I loved it. Party Games Plus dot com has created a wonderful Christmas printable game for your entire family and friends to enjoy this Christmas. The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt Caper is an easy game: just print, follow the instructions, and play. I decided to do a mock game with my 4 year old son and husband. They did pretty well and had fun doing it. From young to old we all enjoyed. I can't wait to try it out on the rest of my family this Christmas!

So What is this scavenger hunt about? Well...Santa was kidnapped and we have to find out which of the 6 guilty elf's did it. With what and where they are hiding poor old Santa! The players also need to find out what kind of contraption whether it be a sleeping potion, or a block of ice fashioned into a ice gun! Sounds fun already. Six possible kidnappers, six possible ways, and six possible places to find Santa. Are you game?

How do you play this awesome game?...I would randomly pick a card in the beginning  kidnapper, weapon, and location. Then hide the rest of the other cards in different places, like under the Christmas tree. Teams will be made and will also be given a a check list showing a picture and a caption for all suspects, weapons, and location. Each team must use the process of elimination to work their way down to the correct possible culprit, weapon, and location. Once they are sure they can hand the host their picks and see if they have won!

Within the cards randomly placed around the room there are also "Uh-Ohh" cards. They have silly situations for the other team player to act out. Like the picture above. This adds another dimension to this Christmas Scavenger Hunt. The player must continue the act out the cards instructions until the next respite card. Fun huh? :D

Who doesn't want to play this also as an ice breaker? It's honestly a great way to get everybody involved and not just sitting drinking Uncle Tom's "special" Holiday Egg Nog. So play and enjoy a laugh or two with Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Who Kidnapped Santa? It'll definitely be a interesting Christmas this year...ENJOY!

Check Party Games Plus website and to check out the The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt Caper click here!

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