Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Arts And Crafts

Today we did two cool Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts. Thanksgiving Hands and THANKFUL Turkey. For both crafts all I needed were several different colored construction paper, two pipe cleaners, googly eyes, crayon, scissors, glue, and paper toilet roll.

First project is Thanksgiving Hands. Each hand I helped Max write what he was most thankful for. 4 year olds have some interesting silly things they are thankful for lol. Where in between cutting the traced hand of Max, we went over his colors, numbers, and the meaning of the letters. I made a base to have Max glue all his hands together. I also stuck a pipe cleaner and made it into a ring to hang on a door knob.

Second awesomely cool project is THANKFUL Turkey. I cut the feathers while Max glued them together on another base I made. He also picked the googly eyes and glued all its face on the toilet paper roll. I again made the ring with the pipe cleaner so we can hang up the project.

Both projects were fun and quick to do. We went through colors, counting, and the meaning of the words. Also how to spell THANKSGIVING, THANKFUL, and TURKEY.

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