Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 33

[week 33]

So my photo shoot went well! My son's birthday was last week and it was truly a busy busy week. Pregnancy caught back up with me and I crashed...I crashed HARD! But before the major crash landing into a hospital bed. Not due to exhaustion just random leaking and sharp pain throughout my belly and my left side. As every person would do I would self diagnose through Google lol. But after reading through other peoples experiences and thoughts...I called my nurse. I emptied my bladder, put on a pad to see if there were anymore leaking. lol After I rested and there was no more leaking I went to the hospital Thursday morning. I found out I was randomly leaking and I am now 2cm dilated. FUN :/ I also had an ultrasound to see if my amniotic fluid was still enough. The baby is growing and moving a lot. Best of all there's enough fluid in there to drown an adult lol. So all is ok...thank God!

Also...I colored my hair BLACK! Yes...I colored my hair. My hair for a yea has been ombre brunette to blonde and for the photo shoot I wanted to show my natural beauty? lol I got my nails done, my brows, played with makeup I have barely touched since the last party...New Years lol. But yeah...there are so many that say DO NOT color hair some say it's ok. With my second pregnancy with Dean I colored my hair blonde and if anyone knows natural jet black to blonde is way crazy long and the smell is just ungodly. I've got the ok from my OB and I did my research and decided to do it. But now I'm back to my natural hair color and all is good. I also had my prenatal appointment and had an ultrasound all is well...also found out the sex of the baby...but for the rest of you's still a secret!

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