Monday, January 21, 2013

Sleep Training A Toddler

Sleep training a toddler is a joke. They do whatever they want. The last thing I ever want to do is force anything on a growing child. If my kid isn't ready he isn't ready. But sometimes out of the blue, they will amazing you! Our experience with sleep training is HELL ON EARTH! Not only are we not getting less and less precious minutes to an hr or more of sleep neither is Dean. I've honestly read it all. Some ideas/theories work great for some parents others it just wont. We are in the WONT WORK AND IF YOU DRAG IT OUT ILL BRING HELL!

This is why we are starting this. I currently sleep in Max's twin bed, co sleeping with our one year old son Dean while pregnant and breastfeeding. Sounds fun huh? I honestly never had a problem sleep until now being 7 months pregnant. The twin bed was getting tighter and I wanted to be comfortable so his night stays in the crib got longer. But every couple of hours he would be up like clock work wanting cuddle time and some boob. Max was co sleeping with Daddy in our big bed all snug and comfortable. :/ Jealous of my 4 year old lol.

So Dean's been in the crib on and off no pressure since he was around 6 months. Also done when he was ready. Now since we don't believe in C.I.O [cry it out] method, every time he would whine or semi or even quasi cry we get him. He seems happier so that's what we do. Now the super bigger reason we are doing it is for me to prepare him to be in the crib all night as he gets replaced lol yes by his younger sibling to breastfeed. So far 2 months have passed by it hasn't work. NOTHING has.

We ended up moving Max back to his twin bed, Dean in the middle of my husband and I in our big bed and all is well in the world. Dean still goes in the crib so he is okay when the third child comes. I am thinking about getting an arms reach co sleeper for the third baby while Dean is in the middle. So that's what works for us and later when Dean is really ready he'll sleep throughout the night like his big brother Max.

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