Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 34

This week is very eventful! Tuesday my husband and I are celebrating our second year wedding anniversary. Thursday is my uhh 20 something-th birthday lol. I honestly can't remember what age I am lol. But two years in a row of being married I have been pregnant...a snow is coming Monday so that's exciting I love snow! As I blog I'm thinking this is the only actual time I was pregnant while I had my birthday. I know with Max I got pregnant in February and Dean had him before my birthday ever hit. So this lil guy/gal is special. Just hope he/she doesn't come on our wedding anniversary or my birthday during the winter chill snow lol.

I have also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea daily. I have never tried it before. I loved it, I just have it straight up. I let the tea bag soak for ten minutes and then drink. I've noticed it seems to ease the pain I've been having and I am all for that. Breastfeeding wise nothing has changed or nothing was affected. Let the last weeks of pregnancy commence!

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