Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 35

Working out...I haven't really talked much about that. What I did last year in December towards the end of my second pregnancy [wow lol] I did pregnancy Tai Chi and Prenatal Yoga. I loved it because it eased my braxton hicks contraction and some pains I was feeling. This third time around being pregnant I have been put on bed rest so doing Tai Chi and prenatal yoga is still cool...if I take my time and move slowly lol. The great thing about doing these exercise is that it is easy enough and smooth to not hurt me. But remember before starting any program whether diet or workout regimen also ask your Midwife or OB! I am starting again slowly so I don't put myself in the hospital with a broken back. But so far everything is going well I'll do an update next week!

There are different prenatal workouts for other pregnant mamas to try out: prenatal zumba [yes!], aqua boot camp, the daily method, and the bar method. I know once this baby starts to move in permenently [40 weeks] I'll be doing hardcore prenatal zumba along with the daily method for sure lol. But again please be safe pregnant mamas!

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