Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Speaker At John P. Stevens High School

Morning! Just this Monday the 28th I was invited by Mrs. De Mattia the Family Consumer Sciences Teacher, FCCLA and HRC Co-adviser to be a guest speaker! I was excited to talk about my family's parenting style. The talk consisted of Attachment Parenting: breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering. Also about pregnancy! I enjoyed talking to the classes because one I got to inform them about attachment parenting and how its not that crazy as the media spins it to be! Two, I GOT TO TALK TO TEENAGERS and not little people ages 4 and under! :D But the main thing I told the students to remember that there is no wrong parenting style. You and your husband/partner need to figure out with the situation/beliefs you feel is right for you.

It was awesome, I got to show them newborn cloth diapers and pocket one sized cloth diapers, its inserts and liners and what cloth diapering is about. I showed them my stash of baby carriers and the proper safe way to carry your child. [NEVER FRONT FORWARD FACING ex: baby bjorn >.<] Mrs. De Mattia gave me the cat in the hat doll to demonstrate baby wearing. A scary real looking baby doll lol on how easy to do cloth diapers. Pictures of a high back carry with dean in my ring sling. The awesome tandem baby wearing both children while pregnant! How having a baby carrier helps you breastfeed and do normal activities [cleaning, cooking, playing with older/other children.] Breast is best and if you could it would be great for you or your wife to give your child. I quickly talked about my plans on tandem breastfeeding and how I'm reading a great book by Hilary Flower.

The student's enjoyed my fun and educational talk and I thank Mrs. De Mattia for the awesome opportunity for letting me share a part of my family's life and what works for us. I let the students know a great advice, "No matter what it is in life you're dealing with ORGANIZATION is key!" [student/family life] and "Remember...don't get pregnant until you are 50 years old!" lol.

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