Sunday, December 18, 2011

Newborn Stash

I felt ready...for Dean!

Ok, sorry about the super late night post of nothing. But here it goes. I decided after holding off for so long of having all my cloth diaper stash newborn ready I can now start pre washing them. As it turned 9am to noon, my husband came back home from the gym asking what's going on with the diapers? lol Ok commitment phoebe there. I wasn't worried about washing pre washing whatever it is. It was the fact we have an High Efficiency washer and I so did not wanna F it up in anyway. I'm the queen of clutz, if there's a way I'll find a way to harm or break myself or the thing I'm trying to use. After I got schooled by grandpa, I felt more comfortable. lol

[Entire Newborn Stash: 2 Pail liners, 2 dry/wet bags, 5 diaper covers, extra fleece liners, indian prefolds w fleece liners on top of them, box of pocket and covers with prefolds and liners already in them, cloth wipes, pins for prefolds, cloth diaper safe baby bum creme, non alcohol hand sanitizer, stain remover, perry bottle, and odor freshener. (all end products are baby safe organic plant based.)]

Ok little background...since I moved in with my husband and in laws I never okay I did the laundry twice and apparently was doing it wrong and before I broke anything I decided to let my husband do all the laundry while I did the folding lol. So as I pre washed my newborn stash of Fuzzibunz, inserts, liners, covers, and indian prefolds. I honestly forgot about Max screaming his lungs out trashing his room while I sat in front of the washer watching the stash wash for 5 minutes. After all was done washed properly I was glad and proud. I didn't F up the washer and I did wash the stash accordingly! I put the Fuzzibunz to hang dry and the rest in the dryer on tumble dry low. Max went to nap and Rad and I did some errands. I came back to a warm non scented washed and dried newborn stash. I felt ready...ready for Dean.


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