Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainbows & Fries Oh My

Rainbows & fries oh my!

Today is Free Fries Day at Burger King. They are giving away their new thicker fries. Thats about it lol. Max and I are big french fries eaters, so we had to get it! and its FREE! It tastes the same and it is thicker. Other than that...sorry Burger King...its the same. Hey, at least we got free fries! :D Chyeah!

[These fries are the shi...]

[Happy Free Fries Day!]

[Copy Cat]

When we got home and I got the mail I screamed. My new Easycare Rainbow 01 woven wrap came. Thank you Maverick Baby! I ordered this perticular wrap because I didn't want a solid color and a pattern with a single color. Also it had great reviews! I prefer wraps because I have full control on what type of carry I would like to do for Dean or Max. Holds a newborn to mega mcfatty toddler age 4. Max is 40 pounds of love and enjoyed being in the wrap. Very surprised he wanted to go on it again. Im 9 months pregnant and carrying Max on my back pretty much even things out, from front to back. It was awesome, amazing, and rainbowrific! I love the color of the rainbow and it goes with black very well. I tend to wear black a lot lol. By the way its a size 4.7m = size 6. A great starter size!

[Making faces in our Easycare Rainbow woven wrap]



  1. How do you use this? Like, do you wrap yourself first then put Max in? Or he holds on to you and then you wrap? lol #imnotamomatall

  2. Kristine: Since he's bigger and older he can stand on the bed or couch w the wrap around him like a cape and once he hops on my back I start wrapping him up. As for Dean being a newborn i can either put wrap on myself first or carry Dean then wrap him up. It depends on what kind of hold/carry I do on the kids. I will also be breast feeding in the wrap really easy if you practice.


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