Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Came Early "Wii"

Good things happens to those who wait...even 3 year old boys named Max. :D

Ever since Max and I went to California and he had his first experience with Wii, he wouldn't stop talking about it. lol. This was in September by the way. So our family knows how much he loves Wii and will attempt to play any game. We also have an Xbox 360 Elite Kinect but for some reason it didn't click with Max. So, Christmas came early and Mr. Max got his presents from my mother and father two days early! A black Wii bundle with the Super Mario Bros game. Rad set it up while I got myself some food :D By the time I got back it was set and looked beautiful with Max's black furniture and Dean's black crib hahaha. Rad thought him how to play, left right up down and shake to twirl up in the air. Max screamed with delight.

I was over joyed. Seeing my little guy happy. Something he's been asking for he got because he was a good boy this year. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve my in laws and my side of the family celebrate Christmas during this night. I can't wait what else is in store for my little guy! :D I'd like to thank my wonderful fun parents for spoiling their grandson Max. The only 3 year old who owns his own engraved Ipad 2 and Wii consul lol.


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