Monday, December 26, 2011

To My "Second Mamas"

This is dedicated to Max and Dean's "Second Mamas" xoxo forever!

My husband for a while before went away for work. I lived with my parents and Max was still less than a year old. My best friend "Ate Sher" (older sister in Tagalog) was seriously a second parent to Max. She was there for every little thing and any little thing. She means the world to me. She brought Max and I meals...I didn't have a car. She brought us we won't die of boredom in the house. She took us to doctors when Max was sick and bought Max little things like Baby Vics. Other than my husband and children...she is my world!

[Ate Sher, Ate Lori, & a very happy Max]

Ate re met up with her beautiful souled girlfriend Ate Lori around the time of our wedding. She is the perfect fit to Ate Sher. Funny, silly, loving, and thank God makes Ate Sher a better person...not that she wasn't already. :D Lori has become honorary "Second Mama" to Max...she fit right in and I know in my soul she would do anything for my children as her girl friend always have! As Christmas came and went they didn't forget about little Max...Perhaps they remembered him a little too much and got him A LOT of GIFTS! Crazy women! I love them and I know Max loves them too! Thank you to my "Second Mamas" without you, life would be boring. BTW...I can't wait for you two to get married and have two girls so our children can marry each other! HA! Yeah...I claimed your girls for my sons...thats right! lol Again...thank you for being there and the Awesome Christmas presents! xoxo


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