Thursday, December 22, 2011

Public Breast Feeding

Let me go pop my boob out for the world to see...Get over yourself!

It's very ridiculous that this isn't a law in every state. That breast feeding is allowed as long as the mother is cover from front to side. There have been so many more complaints due to the holiday shopping. If a baby is hungry is the mother not allowed to feed their infant or toddler? It's not like the mother's boob is out there flopping around. There is a Facebook group page about a sit in at Targets all over the country. Amazing! I hate how pictures of scantily clothed women are fine but breast feeding is "ewwwed" upon. Stupid people.


[So seeing Rhianna like that vs a mother breast feeding totally cover is wrong?!]

I personally have a 3 year old and nursed him when he was little publicly and I thank God no one had a problem because they would be hearing an earful and I would be calling the cops immediately for assistance. Now that I am 9 months pregnant a week away from my due date you bet your sweet ass I'll be breast feeding all over town! lol I'm glad my family believes and supports in breast feeding. Rad was upset by hearing women all over the country being escorted out because they were in a store fully covered and breast feeding. FULLY COVERED. How does that make sense?! Sad!

Parents out there might feel discourage especially if it is their first and they were discouraged to breast feed in public like some unfortunate women out there throughout the United States. I live in New Jersey and it is allowed to breast feed in public. A law that says "leave me the F alone to feed my child and you can't do anything." Random thought breast milk I kinda want decaf coffee lol. Here's a link to a story of a mother being escorted out of a public building and she's a lawyer. A powerful women...I would love to meet her! :D


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  1. I totally agree with you! It is amazing what people will walk around wearing but a Mom can't feed her baby without "offending" someone?! Ridiculous.


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