Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Target's Nurse In New Jersey

"If I popped my boob out I'd def get arrested lol no baby to nurse mine is still hibernating and my 3 yr old is done lol." -Me

As I've been blogging about how pro breast feeding my family and I are...I was lucky enough to know about a Nurse In at our local Target in South Plainfield New Jersey. I attended 9 months pregnant and with Max. Not only did I meet wonderful like minded mothers...Max got to run around in circles with new little friends. Max shared some popcorn and I got a venti decaf Caramel Brulee from Starbucks!  :D Though it was quick from 10am to 12pm, it was nice talking to the me advice about possible tandem nursing (nursing two children at once), living the modern life of baby carrying, cloth diapers, and having two or more children. Not only were we "raising" awareness in a small group :D but I made new mom friends offline. lol Having been a part of a National Target Nurse In was fun. Even though I was the only mother not actually nursing (because my child is still hibernating) Max and I were proud to lend our support!

[Picture from ABC News website]


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