Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frustrations of a Pregnant Woman [Rant]

I'm more determined to have a natural home birth than a natural hospital birth!

I honestly hate cleaning up the mess thats of others. Hospital billing can go to hell and back! I'm not going into great details because I'll end up clawing at the computer screen and breaking all my nails off. The billing department of anything especially hospitals are hell! I was sent a "letter" stating I should pay for a bill that was never paid for our insurance at the time (3 F-ing years ago!) or face having a stained debt and more bills. Since I've spent a great deal of time making sure my records are clean and immaculate (so when I have money to buy a house or a car) I would NOT have a problem. So all this crap happens and I call the old insurance up...thank God I save everything! Telling them the hospital has never sent any mail/letters, pigeons with a small piece of paper tied to their leg, or a damn smoke signal...NOTHING! And now they expect me to pay for everything. Their off their minds!

I am 9 months pregnant 1 week shy from my due date and I DO NOT need this extra stress. I want things cleared up immediately. If I'm in labor right now (sorry but) this shit better be fixed before this baby's head starts crowning. It's mind numbing calling the hospital's billing department, the person who sent the letter (stating we must pay or more shit will happen), and the old insurance to make sure claims were filed. As I talked to the old insurance they said the hospital never put a claim on them until now which is too late. So our party is not liable to those damn bills. Im like can I get that in writing/tattooed and signed for from God himself please?! So they are calling the hospital to set it straight for my sake, my sanity, and my baby's health. After this is done I still have one more damn bill to take care of. I'm surprised with all this damn stress calling these mindless machine constantly, I haven't had the baby yet. But everything's fine with baby D he's healthy and strong. Seriously, I can't handle more insurance/billing problem bullshit. I am so much more determined to have a natural home birth than to deal with more nonsense.


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