Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update: 37 Week Ultrasound

He's big strong like bull!

Today was the "emergency ultrasound" I needed to have at 37th weeks. The doctor thought Dean might be measuring a little bit bigger than what he should be at my 36th week appointment. To get to the point, she was right. 36th week baby should be 6 pounds even. Now that Im in my 37th week it should be 6 1/3 pounds, but Dean is 7 -7.5 pounds which is 40th week's weight measurement. Dean will get bigger since I'm only 3 weeks shy of my due date. He could come up to 8.5 pounds, which for my small girlish figure minus the fat will be BIG for me. As of the moment doctor said that I'm still cool for giving NUCB (natural unmedicated child birth.) But if my OB doctor says other wise within my next appointment this friday I could possibly be induced. I wish he would only get up to 8 pounds and not get induced or c section. Thats my Christmas wish. Also that he's healthy. We'll see...on another days of our lives...

[Dean First Trimester Waving Hiiiii!]


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