Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toddlers Making Brownies

"Maxwell makes damn good brownies Mommy!" -Max

Yesterday was a horrible time for me. I was in bed all day. I felt uber bad for not doing much with Max, so today was Max makes a brownie day! I told him later before Mommy cooks dinner Max and I will have a special project. He was excited when I showed him the brownie box. I needed something quick and easy. It took 30 minutes to bake and 10 minutes for Max to make and mix...slowly! He poured all the ingredients, cracked the eggs. We only needed 2 but ended up needing 3 because he dropped an egg on the floor. After all the mess was cleaned up our results was delicious. I would've taken a picture of the final product, but the entire household inhaled it. Something fun for Max to do and something yummy in the adults tummies!

["Look Mommy brownie dust!" -Max]

[Pouring ingredients in]

[Mixing the brownie mix]


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