Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost In Baby Land

MIA but thankful...

As you can tell my usual daily blog has disappeared. lol I've been immersed in a mucho much-O love of baby land with Dean. A few things that has happened since we brought him home. I no longer sleep in the same bed as my husband. We have a co sleeping partnership with our children. He with Max and I with Dean. It's easy to have Dean with me because I breast feed him. He is such a blessing from GOD! Meaning he doesn't wake up and he doesn't cry (only when being changed but he's getting used to it). I wake up ever 2.5-3 hours to feed him just to make sure he's fed lol. Other than that Dean's awesome. As for Big Brother Max...he is incredible! He helps me out when I ask to get something because Im immobile due to breast feeding Dean lol. He kisses and hugs him gently every day and night and in between. :D He is still crazy loud playing with his toys but he is doing great. We've babied Max for a long time he's been on a bottle of milk...lately got off the bottle and milk only in the morning and before bed.
My husband is awesome...I don't have to say anything he just reads my mind looks at me before he leaves the room and comes back with everything i need or will ask for. AMAZING! I can't complain. I planned on resting a month straight just me and the kids and not cook dinner but I feel great. I have energy to cook meals and two types of dinner! Who the hell am I?! No postpartum depression for this mama. I just can't wait to cloth diaper Dean...we are using up the newborn Seventh Generation diapers and the hospital gave us size one disposables. We don't believe in wasting gifts lol. We use whatever we have until its gone! We are happy for our children getting along together so far...we are thankful for my cheerie mood lol...I know Rad is. lol. Thankful to God for our little family!


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  1. Adorable!!! I am so happy everything is going well! You have an adorable family!


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