Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin

5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

As I am currently past my due date (40weeks and 2days) and my belly feeling bigger and bigger. I'm feeling oh so incredibly tired. I seem to have no energy what so ever to do anything. NOTHING! I really thank God Rad is off for a week. But truly sad he'll be going back to work tomorrow. (I think he's more bummed than I am he's going back to work lol poor Daddy.)

The final countdown is here! This Saturday, January 7th at 10am Rad and I will be heading to St. Peter's University hospital to be induced. Since I'm not 'open' yet I will need medical intervention with mini sized pills "Shoved up my crotch" as my father in law said. Lol then I will proceed as plan to have a NUCB, "Natural Unmedicated Child Birth." Hope all goes well and quick! Again the whole "I am tired, no energy" crap I'm going to be I've got an ultrasound tomorrow. Toodles cup O noodles!


  1. Good Luck Cher!!! I think you are a super star for going unmedicated.

  2. Jillian...thanks after January 3rd's post I'm a little scared but still going for it...I'm committed! lol


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