Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 26th Birthday

26 years old?! I don't feel like I'm 26...

26 years ago I was born in the Philippines. A single child to my mother Lydie and father Albert. I would like to start out saying thank you for raising me to be a head strong independent woman and with such love. I haven't been the best daughter but I thank you both for being the best parents. I took you both for granted long ago and now that I have children of my own I see what you two were going through. Now I only pray my kids don't pull the same crap I did to you guys lol. Again thank you for being my parents...I love you always!

Today is my 26th birthday. Nothing too special going on tonight. All I know is that we need groceries so we don't starve tomorrow for breakfast lunch and dinner lol. Today, I decided to set up Dean's Bright Stars Baby's Play Place. This play mat is crazy! He liked it for a two week old. He didn't want to get out of it and ended up sleeping in it lol.

As I said we need to go grocery shopping...so exciting for my birthday we go to BJs lol. I also decided to take out my Boba carrier to carry Dean in while we go shopping. So I tried it on Big Brother Max. He liked it. He is 40 pounds of love and he sure as hell did not feel like he was 40 pounds. It was easy and he got in and out quick.


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