Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

"Goodnight New Years moon goodnight!" -Me

Quick To Do List:
1. Give birth to baby D. [o1.o7th/o8th.12]
2. Celebrate my 1st Wedding Anniversary. [o1.22th.12]
3. Celebrate The Year of The Dragon, Chinese New Year [o1.23rd.12]
4. Celebrate my 26th Birthday. [o1.24th]
And that's just January! :D

2012 is here...Happy New Years! New Years Eve we celebrated with my side of the family. It's pretty big celebrating New Years and Chinese New Years in my family. Max got to eat Filipino and Chinese food and run around! He even got silly and went around the room with a red Hello Kitty mail box saying, "Money please for college!" :D My 3 year old cracks me up. We had fun celebrating early with them. Then, it was time to go home. 11 p.m. an hour left, Rad and I gave Max his last bath for the year. Bubbles, toy boat, and foam alphabets! He enjoyed himself...he's a water baby! As I dried him up, dressed him and gave him his last milk, it was 10 minutes away from being New Years.

Rad came in we were all under the covers and enjoyed our first official New Years in bed! Don't get me wrong I loved hanging out with other family members, but to also have a nice small celebration was great! Max saw the New York Ball drop, clapped, and screamed. "Happy New Years Mommy and Daddy!" Rad and I snuck in a kiss from Max. It was a good night. As we watched channel seven Max saw Lady Gaga and said, "Look Mama it's the ball it dropped on her face!" Lol my kid says the silliest things! Then we all went to sleep. It's now 10 a.m another new day, another new year. Let's see what it brings...Hopefully like that old Chinese lady said to me...LOTS OF MONEY! Bwahaha! :D

[My sexy husband (only when he smiles lol) Max hiding.]


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