Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Day I'm Sniffling

"Is this the last time I'm going to see myself pregnant?" (cries) -Me

"Is it really the last day of being the last day being pregnant?" as I cried and hugged Rad this morning. I'm sure gonna miss being pregnant. Good and bad days, I love having a child grow inside me, its just so amazingly powerful! I plan to do a natural birth no pitocin and no epidural. I know it's gonna be hard but I'm going to stay calm and positive. I've been doing my homework looking at Spinning Babies website and studying positions to have less pain while in labor. I've asked several new friends for advice, help, and guidance. Everyone has been so helpful and protective of my natural rights as a mother about to give birth for the second time. I know I'm not the first to give birth in the world, it's not that amazing...but to me each child brought to the world is a miracle and a beauty like no other to see and or experience. Earlier today I went to my NST "non stress test" just to monitor my contractions, Dean's heart rate, and my blood pressure. It was normal and went well...nothing new lol. I make NST look so sexy lol.

As I said I planned to do a natural birth and some people asked me how would I do that if I'm getting induced. A Foley bulb! That's like a balloon they insert in my "hoohaa" as I call it lol and they gradually pump with saline (salt water) to open me up. For the past couple of days I've been going over board with walking and bouncing on the birth ball at home. Im tired but have a relaxed mind. I've been losing a lot of my mucus plug and was shocked at how much was coming out and how better I felt. No pain, no pressure, no contractions! lol It was great. I hope when I go into the hospital tomorrow at 10 am, that I am actually open to do the foley bulb induction and I wouldn't have to take pitocin and continue with my plan of a natural unmedicated birth.

I am anxious and excited! I can't wait to hold my second son in my arms and immediately breast fed him. YUP! Breast fed him right after he pops out. lol I want my time to bond with him to be instant. Remember folks, "Breast is best!" I will post pictures up as soon as I can online or my family and friends will do it first lol. So this is the last day I'll be pregnant, the last day Max will be a single child, but tomorrow my heart will love twice as more, and Max will be an older brother. Please pray for me that it'll be a smooth and as much of a pain less natural labor. Thank you friends and family for your support! Love goes out from me to you all! xox

[40 weeks and 5 days pregnant :*D]


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