Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Routine and Other Things

"Hahaha, Mommy Dean is fat!" - Max

Today's routined/schedule.

7:30 am: Wake up, get stuff ready and dress up.
8:00 am: Make and eat breakfast for Max and I.
8:30 am: Drive 30 minutes away to drop Rad off to work.
9:00 am: Drive back home another 30 minute drive.
9:30 am: Go to the bank then off to my mother's house.
10:00 am: Relax a bit, chat with my mother while Max plays with his Ipad, runs around and eats snacks.
12:00 pm: Go back home and make lunch for Max and I.
12:30 pm: We eat our lunch while Max watches Dora. :/
1:00 pm: Repack needed things for the road and last pit stop for "Mr. Toto."
1:30 pm: Clean up and drive to my last post date ultrasound appointment for baby D with Max.
2:00 pm: Still driving... I hate random traffic and long distance driving while contracting.
2:30 pm: Arrive and running late for damn appointment.
3:00 pm: Waiting...take Max to "Mr. Toto" for number #2.
3:30 pm: Still waiting...gets called in. Finally!
4:00 pm: Getting my ultrasound while Max giggles on seeing baby D.
4:30 pm: We hurry back to the car because its COLD! and we have to pick daddy up from work.
5:00 pm: Arrive at Rad's job, Max is asleep, Rad gets out.
5:30 pm: Have to drop something off, then homeward bound. Crap, I still have to cook dinner.
6:00 pm: After cleaning up, we eat dinner.
6:30 pm: Finished dinner and clean up.
7:00 pm: Rad and I are back with Max feed him his dinner while I blog.
7:15 pm: Finish my damn routine/schedule.

[our lunch but were missing the steak fries :D]

Today is a very busy day for me. I am 40 weeks and 3 days and flipping tired. It's 25 degrees outside and windy. A lovely day, truly is. :/ So that's what we did today. A lot of something and other things. I am very tired. The good thing about this whole day was seeing baby D in a 4D scan. I never got a 4D scan before even with Max. So I was excited. Max was laughing because he looked at the screen and said, "Hahaha, Mommy Dean is fat!" He's not fat he's a healthy 8.5 pound baby boy! That's Max's big little brother. :D I can't wait until this weekend, when I'll get to hold my little big boy! :D Scared for my vagina but excited to hold him...I guess I can heal...lol. Gross.

[Baby D's 4D Ultrasound...that's the front of his face and his hand covering half of his right side]


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