Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fluff & Stuff

I'll make this quick, I'm freakin' tired bro...

I got several "fluff" Babylegs, Kawaii diaper covers, Boba carrier. Babylegs are leggings used with cloth diapering, It makes it easy to change a diaper without pants. Having to take them off and put them on why not make it easy. And it's uber cute! :D

[Babylegs Newborn grab bag $100 and paid only $35]

I know I already have enough but I couldn't say no to cheap Kawaii diaper covers. I got them from an awesome site and it was the cheapest I've seen. When I got it, I saw it was of great quality and I can't wait to use them on Dean! I can put folded prefolds. It's one size so I can continuously use it from birth to end. Whenever that is... :D

As for wraps and carriers, I have three. I have a stretchy wrap Sleepy wrap in black, a woven wrap Easycare Rainbow 4.7m, and now a new Boba carrier Mist. The Mist is grey and green center. It's awesome having options. The sleepy wrap can go up to 45 pounds it says...but I plan on using it until he is 20 pounds. Then I move to the woven wrap and the Boba. Woven wrap takes more effort but its beautiful. As for the Boba carrier its just like a bookbag/backpack, swing it on front or back, snap and pop the kid in! :D


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