Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome To The World Dean!

"Are you sure I didn't deliver my brain along with my baby?!" -Me

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 10:00 am, Rad and I went went to the hospital for me to get induced. I was hesitant because I wanted the birth of our child naturally done with no medication. As we got in and I talked to the nurses and doctors, they let me do whatever I wanted which was great! If you saw on my twitter and facebook account from saturday morning to sunday I tweeted and facebook status everything, So to make things short for I'm so tired and brain dead...

My water broke around 10:30 pm all by itself. All I remember was a loud pop and I thought it was my back cracking as I moved about in bed. I sat up and it gushed out like a broke water main lol. From that moment my contractions were crazy painful and got close together. As I breathed slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth with every painful contraction, I prayed to God it was over NOW! Though the pain was 1000% painful and I was gripping the hospital bed rail shaking moaning and breathing like I was possessed the worst wasn't there yet. Then I felt Dean's head going down...I screamed for Rad to get a nurse, a doctor, or a priest...ANYBODY! *TMI: I felt so much pressure I thought I was gonna sh*t myself...I didn't, thank God lol.* As they all came running in I started to push on my own. I cleared my head and as I counted to myself I pushed him out with every fiber of my being! He came out really fast less than 20 minutes he was out! Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 12:15 pm Dean was finally born at 41 weeks and 1 day! FINALLY!

As I told the nurse to clean him up and wrap him, he was weighed the scale said 8 pounds and 13 oz...just 3 oz shy of 9 pounds! The ultrasound tech was right about him being 9 pounder...I did it I naturally pushed out a 9 pound baby and boy its been three days and I'm still walking funny and soar but I'm glad he's out! The doctors was happy to see I did it naturally and asked after, "So good you did it naturally, you knew he was going to be this big and still went for it?" YES! lol They said how small I was and I still did it. I think I can push a 10 pounder out! lol And the best thing I didn't "rip" I only ripped about the size of a thumb nail the same rip I had with Max when he was born.

The first day with my little guy was awesome! I breastfed right after he was wrapped up and weighed as I requested. We did skin to skin to warm him up to. He latched so quickly and stayed on the whole time with no problem! :D I'm so proud of him being so big and hungry and drinking away lol. As I had my milk come in early he got the good stuff immediately! We had Dean and Max's "second mamas come visit! Then our parents with Big Bro Max! He came in and said, "Hi Dean! I'm Maxwell I'm your big brother...I love you!" I melted and cried! I loved seeing them together! Finally our families were together. It was perfect.

The next day his pediatrician said he had jaundice. He had to stay an extra night in his tanning bed to get better. I knew what jaundice was and I knew he was ok but hated going home without my baby. It's like walking around with a part of your soul missing! As we went home I knew in my heart he was safe but I couldn't help but bawl and whimper the whole way home. :*( I came home spend time with Max and hugged him hard as I can until he said, "You hugged me enough mommy!" lol I got cleaned up unpacked and pumped. I pumped the whole day before I left and gave him lots of milk. Rad this morning left the house to drive 30 minutes to the hospital to give Dean his mommy milk. He was happy and been doing so great that he will be home tonight! His jaundice went down and he eats 2 oz of milk and thats good I have some stored and my boobs straight up. :D That's pretty much it in a nut shell I can remember at this mommy zombie state of mind. I just can't wait to go there around 3 pm and have him home by dinner! :D



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