Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DYI Cloth Diaper Liners

Want to save money...Hell chyeah!

So now that I look at it...I have more diapers but do not have any more micro fleece liners. So being cheap I went to Joann's Fabric [my crack store lol] and got 50% off micro fleece for a yard. I hacked it up and got 47...YES 47 micro fleece liners!!! Amazing usually if I have bought the Bummis reusuable micro fleece liners for 45 [5 in a pack] it would cost me around $50.00... A-HELL NO! I got it for less than $5! Ah Amazing! It only took me 20 minutes to cut it all up...20 minutes because Max kept taking the fabric and flying around with it using it as a super hero cape. :/ lol. Uhhhh-maze-ING! Note: You can get pretty much any liner you have at home too like an old fleece and old shirt and cut it up...also very VERY cheap! Ok I'm obviously too cracked out to blog anymore...This Mama is out!


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