Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things I Forgot To Tell You About Labor

So I've been pregnant three times and I will soon give birth to baby N. Though I am very excited...I just remembered there where things I forgot about that happens during labor. They are not happy things. More like secrets that women "forget" to pass down. [on purpose?]

nausea: what i like to say i never got during labor thank God...but the third one we shall see.

vomit: it happens.

fart: yeah you have no control anymore. look the doctors your husband and the nurses are look at your vagina anyways who cares if you fart?! lol

hot and cold: your body along with the extreme hormones rushing everywhere you will feel odd body fits of being cold and or being hot or both.

teeth chattering: along with feeling cold the uncontrollable teeth chattering.

brain dead: you forget everything. its ok. its normal. it HAPPENS! that's why you have your husband/partner/midwive there to help your cold brain farting moments.

episiotomy: common in hospitals. mamas if your baby needs a little help some doctors will cut you down there [don't worry you are so numb you wont feel them cutting you lol] so you will tear nicely if you do tear because of your baby being a little bigger. i personally told them i needed no such thing and i will take my time and i had no tears.

deliver placenta: after you deliver your beautiful child/ren you still need to pass their "home" the placenta. again do not worry you'll be too busy looking at your child, crying full of joy the doctors will do that for you well help it come down and it'll slip out.

pain/cramps: sorry they don't stop right after baby comes out. you will still feel them also if you've had more than one child before. like with each pregnancy the cramping gets worse. if you are breastfeeding keep doing that because it'll go away faster.

feel massive pressure to poop: yeah i felt this with my second pregnancy. i kept crying out to the doctor or nurse "did i go number two because it sure feels like i did!" but i never did thank God!

might actually poop and pee: it does happen and it is OKAY. it is NORMAL. for God's sake you're pushing a baby out everything wants to come out! fun isn't it?

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