Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cloth Diaper Experience

You're saving wtf are you complaining?!

This is the second part of yesterday's blog about being green. This is about cloth diapering and my kick ass stash! :D Since I've been going green crazy and trying to be natural/granola with my children, I decided to cloth diaper Dean from newborn up until he's potty trained. I will be also using woven wraps to carry Dean around, and breast feeding (no money to spend on formula thank GOD!)  Let's see... My husband's still not convinced about this whole cloth diapering. He understands I'm trying to be green by washing it and not filling up the landfill with more crap...literally. He said its dirty...that's why I wash it...not him. I WILL WASH IT! He said just use disposables "regular diapers" (as he calls them.) With Max he had sensitive skin and when he got a diaper rash, it was crazy disgustingly sad. I don't want that to happen to Dean. What he also doesn't notice with having cloth diapers to wash and reuse, he will NEVER have to buy any "regular diapers." It's going to be hard to put it away and wash it and wait and...and...and... He's saving money and he's complaining, thats high-larious!

Rad and I were blessed enough to have great friends that had given us 20 alvababy one sized pocket diapers in solid colors. Also another 20, for a total of 40. Some were prints and some were solids. All came with an insert, the soaking part of the diaper which was put into the pocket part of the cloth diaper. I have an insert per cloth diaper, and 40 more to use as doublers (double up the soaking power of the inserts.) With it being one sized diaper I can use them start from a month old up to the end. I would use the snaps to make it size small, medium, and large (with no snaps.) I also use reusable liners, which would go on top of the diaper inside so the poop wont stain it. With being green and using all this cloth diapers I had to go use cloth wipes. Made out of cotton or fleece with a little water or another earth baby friendly solution to spray on the cloth to wet it before wiping. All products I am using for cloth diapering, cleaning, and shampoos + lotions are from Babyganics. An organic product safe for my babies and myself while still pregnant. They have so many products like baby lip balm, non alcohol based foam hand sanitizer, and air freshener + deodorizer which I will use for the cloth diaper pail for the stink. Other items I have are two pail liners, also reusable and washable to store the dirty cloth diapers before the get washed. Two wet/dry bags, same idea as the pail liners but is portable when going out. I can store unused diapers and wipes in one and the other the dirty. I bought 6 Fuzzibunz perfect fit size small for newborn usage, because the alvababy cloth diapers will not fit until they are at least a month old. I also got Gerber cloth prefolds, 100% cotton cloth to fold into diaper around the baby to be pinned (just like the old way of cloth diapering.) and since I don't want Dean in just the prefolds I got diaper covers. Mad cheap from Kmart of all places! I believe that is it for my cloth diaper stash. Old school cloth diapering move over!


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