Thursday, March 21, 2013

Secret Of How To Be A Super Mom

[Dean and Max]

So I've been asked by close friends after a week of giving birth to a baby, having a 4 year old, and a 14 month old how do I DO everything that I do? [ex: cook home cooked meals 3 times a day, have time to sit and do whatever I want like NAP/PAINT MY NAILS/WATCH A MOVIE barely uninterrupted  have house cleaned...HOW?!] I'm super mom duh! No! I am not super in any way. I am but a simple stay at home mom of three boys. I love to cook and I love to bake. I have things cleaned up and laundry done when it's supposed to. I want to take care of myself too. I am a bit of an over achiever.

Okay, you wanna know my secret? I have OCD and I organize everything right down to the very bills in my wallet. There's nothing super about me in fact I'm all crazy! As I said I have OCD. I have things organized to where if someone where to touch something in the room and I come back I'd know what they touched/moved/ or took. My husband even tested my crazy with my DVDs back when I didn't have kids. He took two DVDs and switched it and told me to take Gone In 60 Seconds out for him to watch. So I did. He was screaming saying I was looking when I wasn't even in the room and when I picked it out I was confident enough to have him cover my eyes.

He did not tell he switched it. I told him I knew he moved it because the placement was wrong so I felt until I touched the other "moved" item. You see I placed my DVDs a certain way also I put them in alphabetical order. He said I was crazy and HE STILL MARRIED ME...who's the crazy one here?! lol I also told him everything in my room is organized so well if I were ever blind or no power I would know where to get things. My closets organized this way too and in color and type of clothing. It's a sad sickness but I use to my advantage for raising my mini Eurasian army! :D

So I plan my children's outfits ahead of time looking into the next day's weather. I plan meals a head of time too. When things need to be done I do it right away...assuming the kids done have a melt down. It does happen, there are times they go way too crazy for me to do anything. It's life as controlling as I am with every single thing in my life, nothing is perfect. Not even me. I take things day by day. More like I charge at life day by day. I am aggressive and I like things done even ahead of schedule. It's best when I do this because I have plenty of time to spend playing with my children. Doing arts and crafts with Max.

I multitask to the point where Rad questions if I had 4 to 6 arms. lol Like this morning I breastfed Nate he was laying on my left leg I'm sitting Indian style, on my right leg Dean was sitting where I was feeding him and myself oatmeal and bagel. Max was feeding himself...thank God. I was also texting my mother what time to pick Max up for school. With multitasking I practice odd skills that only mothers and some waitresses do. I can literally carry 3 plate full of food in each arm, while going up the stairs. It's good I only need to carry four plates lol.

I also keep a to do list. Whenever I think of anything to do or anything that needs to be done I write it down immediately. Also with groceries. I have lists for's sad. But yes organization, multitasking, and lists help me run my family towards happiness and bonding time. At times where all is quiet in the house, kids are napping...I actually look forward for them to wake up to play. I love to be busy and a family of five now certainly fulfills my sick twisted fantasy of busy body-ness lol. Good luck other can all do it and have it all even if it's just one day out of the week!

My friends also asked how my kids behave so well. TO HELL THEY DO! They definitely do not also behave. Max is crazy all over the place like I have him a bag of sugar to inhale. Dean screams when he talks and when he's pissed. Nate...well Nate just poops a lot! lol I like that they're are crazy and very active. I seriously don't like boring kids who just sit and cooperate. I like a little challenge. It makes me into a better mother to know how to help my kids when they have their fits and whatnots. Max pretty much is independent, Dean still loves attention, and Nate needs all the attention. Dean loves Max and they hangout a lot and play together well. So I can't wait to inter grade Nate into the mixture of Max and Dean.

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