Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Week

Happy Birthday week Dr. Seuss!

Today marks the start of Dr. Seuss's birthday week! Today Target holds a "Read Across America" reading books from Dr. Seuss from 9am to 11am. They gave free goody bags, snacks, activity book, and fun stuff! Max, Dean, and I decided to stop by our local target and participate in this storytime. As we walked in ten minutes late after dropping Rad off at the gym...we saw so many parents and children sitting on the ground as a Target Team Member read The Lorax.

Max the Lorax lol

A Target Team Member went up to Max and gave him a "swag bag" as Max calls it. He got cool stickers, coloring book with crayons, apple juice, cracker snacks, a Lorax mustach and coupons. :D It was a nice turn out. I met our with another mom friend and her son. Max and his new friend played and enjoyed themselves. Many books were read as kids played. A great morning at Target. Afterwards we all decided to head over to Starbucks and get the kids cake pops and us coffee...decaf for me. Then back out into the windy parking go home. I can't wait until this saturday to watch The Lorax the film with the kids!


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