Sunday, March 24, 2013

Newborn Disposable Diapers Vs Newborn Cloth Diapers

Okay Nathan is now two weeks old today :D Happy two weeks "Squirt!" He has grown pretty quick and I am ever so in love with him as the each day passes. So, disposable diapers vs cloth diapers...We decided in the beginning to have some disposables to wait for Nathan to finish his meconium tar poop, then proceed to newborn cloth diapering. I couldn't wait to use it on the boy and went and used it the very first day.

We of coarse used up the disposables first. Today my husband was going grocery shopping and I told him we are about to run out of disposable newborn diapers and wanted to know his thoughts on it. "I am NOT buying diapers. Use the newborn cloth diapers when its all done." :D Made me smile. When we further talked about it...a pack of newborn pampers swaddlers 36 costs $10.00. Squirt's a pooping machine! Every diaper has poop in it, like a bonus surprise lol. Dean and Max were not at all like that.

A newborn cloth diaper I have 36 in total and we can wash it with no problems quick. I am exclusively breastfeeding surprise there. Breast milk poop is easily washed away. Run under hot water, wash, and hang dry. Easy peasy! We would and could use it as many times and not worry about buying any more...SPENDING cut down! The best thing about these newborn cloth diapers are that there are two sizes within that one diaper. Since Nathan was pretty small he can wear it longer and once he grows chunkier I can adjust the size to continue fitting him. You can't do that to a regular disposable. You would end up buying a size one and paying more...

So all in all...I'm glad we are continuing cloth diapering with our third and final child. I super happy my husband agrees and shares my thoughts on using them. To save money and it's better for the environment! Nathan can wear the living crap out of them and we can make money back by selling them. :D Money well spent and time too!

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