Friday, March 1, 2013

Signs Of Labor

So I'd like to think that something progress will happen with my third pregnancy, and have my body go into labor naturally. But no one knows! lol But for you other lucky mamas and mamas to be out there here's a few signs of labor!

diarrhea: for some women they have at least 5 trips. perhaps a way of your body cleansing before your baby comes out.

mucus plug: also known as "bloody show" sometimes bloody sometimes of mucus like colored. and it looks just like it sounds mucus like. or just like a snotty little thing perhaps dime sized or bigger that your body may or may not pass.

cramps: well who am I kidding you can have cramps throughout the whole pregnancy, but for those who didn't you sure will start feeling this!

braxton hicks contractions: along with the wonderfully annoying cramps, braxton hicks is like a practice run on the real thing. and with enough of it, it can help soften your cervix!

cervix softens: without this happening...well nothing will happen. your cervix softening up helps with your baby lowering down and possibly having your water break.

baby lowering: oh your belly still looks its dropping awesome! not truly a sign of labor but its heading there!

water breaks: well need a say more? some its does BREAK break...other moms might experience leaks here and there.

the labor rule 5-1-1: when contractions are 5 minutes apart for 1 minute long and has been going on for 1 hour or more. woman get yourself ready because your baby is!

when to call a doctor: extreme bleeding, sudden swelling of hands face or feet. sudden weight gain of 5 pounds or more within days to a week, painful urination.

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