Monday, March 4, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 40

[40 Reasons to go the full 40!]

I know I talk about evicting my kids a lot but I am very pro full 40! This was at my OB's room office...well it was plastered everywhere. I had a little problem for a bit that baby N was trying to get out way ahead of time. I've always pictured my kids being born around 40 weeks and mostly after 40 weeks plump and pink! Since I am now 40 weeks I thank God and my baby for cooperating lol. I am glad to say I will be giving birth for the third time past 40 weeks. :D I know I will see N when he is ripe and ready whether that be 40-43 weeks.

I know I said with my second pregnancy that it'll be my last one lol but this is my final pregnancy. I swear lol. [so many friends and family think I'm joking.] Rad and I are happy where our family is at or will be within the next couple of weeks. A family of five! My three sons! I will cherish my last few weeks painful or not. If you asked me 5 years ago if I'd have 3 kids within 4 years I'd laugh in your face but now I can't picture my life any other way! I am happy, fulfilled, and full of entertaining days and nights! lol Being a mother of two isn't all peachy keen, but I love it. As I write this blog, I wonder how a mother of three boys will change my/our lives. Would it be more difficult or just about the same? I guess I'll just take things day by day. 

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