Saturday, March 23, 2013

Me Vs The Kids: Week 1

So this is week one. My husband and mother in law returned back to their normal work schedules and I'm ALONE!...with the kids. So this whole time I was pregnant I was scared to be left alone with a 4 year old, a 14 month old, and a newborn. I dealt just fine with two, now will that turn out? Lets see...

Today was a God sent! I slept well the night before...THANK YOU NATHAN! Such a great newborn like Dean was slept so well at night. Day time hit husband didn't go to the gym I guess to let me settle in more before he goes back to his usual routine. Nice of the man I thought...since his other girlfriend is the gym lol. Anyways...the day went well had breakfast played a bit. Dean and Nathan fell asleep at the same time right after. Awesome! I got to watch my missed shows on Hulu and two DVDs from Netflix. They napped another time after lunch. So did Max. Somewhere between lunch the only exciting thing that happened Dean's poop leaked out of his diaper lol. Had to give him a bath mid day and it was a mess. Nathan cried a bit but somehow Max got Nathan to stop crying and fall asleep. Max seriously has the magic touch! Love that boy! I got through the day tandem nursing the boys and playing with Max arts and crafts time. It continued to be a smooth transition so I brought all three boys downstairs to start dinner. Juicy baked crispy chicken breast, corn and mac and cheese. They all did well and Daddy came home...THE END!

Not so much of a kick ass day as yesterday. I ran out of the newborn disposable diapers and had to use the size one from the hospital and it was just a mess! Major spillage had to change Nathan's outfit three times one poop mess leakage. So I finally got the cloth diaper for newborn and it was too cute. It also worked a hell of a lot better than a size one disposable. Ughk. Lunch is running late, Dean has yet to nap and Nathan is on and off with his nap. Had a little mishap Dean face planted on the ground. He decided he could fly off the bed and continue doing so...good thing Max had laid out pillows on the floor before hand. Again Max mommy's helper to the rescue! So Late lunch but after that Nathan and Dean are napping. Max and I are having arts and crafts time. He sure loves drawing and creating things!

Today Max goes back to school. So I guess having one less kid is going to be a breeze. He went to school and I seriously had nothing to do. I did everything the night before or yesterday. Due to my highly organized OCD "skills" I HAD NOTHING TO DO. I had both Nate and Dean napping. So as I stared at the ceiling for 10 minutes I decided to unpack my hospital bag, clean out the soup pot my dad gave me, plan dinner for tonight and thurs and fri! So now I definitely had nothing to do. I cut up fruits for Max and Dean to share when he came back. Thank God Max came home and my dad stayed over a while. So much better I hate not being able to do anything. I'm a busy body I like it that way. It happened again after lunch well around 3 pm younger boys napped. Max was busy playing legos so I decided to nap. Ten minutes later I woke up and I couldn't take it...the boys woke up and I was happy again. SOMETHING TO DO! lol I made dinner Rad came home early and we had movie night! We watched Wreck It Ralph and had buttered popcorn. A great night! Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

Picture Day at Max's school today! I got him dressed up cute! Now again nothing to do. Laundry was done last night by my awesome husband and we even watched three episodes of Archer season 3. Nate's asleep nothing new. Dean is running a muck throwing things all over the place and laughing...Well Max came back home and he cried for my Mom to stay over. lol Nothing really happened after that. For some reason I was a little tired than the other days. I took a nap with the younger boys. Only lasted 10 mins but better than nothing I guess. The day progressed, everything was pretty chill. I made dinner for the boys and Rad had left over from our lunch my Mom ordered earlier. then we slept. Pretty boring. hehehe

Friday...something fun should happen today. You know because it's FRIDAY. NOPE! Today went really slow. Not only that Max stayed home because I still can't drive and my parents went to do something. My Dad came over for an hour and then him and my mother stole Max for a good part of the day. I was left alone with Dean and Nate and I found out...I NEEDED MAX! Dean was a little harder to please and calm down. While he was all over the damn place Nate was crying. I truly had a trying day without my main little big man. And when the boys went to nap either one was up and the other asleep. I kept putting one kid on the boob and off. lol When Max finally came home I was relieved. Until he started crying and my parents took him to their house and back out to buy him toys. Sweet crapper he came back home later with $50 new Lego Ninja Turtles for Mommy to assemble. Don't get me wrong I love putting the little big man's Legos together but $50?! NUTS! Well dinner was late and the rest of the night was a blur. I was tired and still had to take a shower because I was lazy in the morning to take one and give all the boys a shower. Then once all of it was done I died in bed. Saturday tomorrow I hope my day will be better :D

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